Dangerous stranger, the Pink Granger.

5 January 2019, 7:26 am; Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Thank you for joining me on this morning flight. The ba-ba-bird is the word, and if you have not heard-erd-derd the word from the birds, then this little razorblade vixen would rather cut straight to the chase.

I am spearheading Ares’ call for war. This is the end times, people. WELCOME TO MY WARM-UP APOCALYPSO DANCE JIG.

What am I talking about? How can I speak with any certainty that we are the living end? Because last year I totes began my Antichrist campaign. Which reminds me, I totally should continue to gather my “REVELATIONS” stuff together and put them up on my cult page….

  • I am the Champion for Team #3, HUMANITY.
  • Our team colour is RED (because we are alive, and it’s my favourite colour).
  • I am the Metatrope, a member of the elite angelic battle kill force: MMPR.

Kimbra – Warrior

My hands are tied, but my eyes are open / This modern denial has me broken / Nothing mystical, no hullabaloo / Just chemicals and no one looking down on you // What am I thinking? / Ooh, if you’re so sure it’s rational / Well, the world’s shrinking / But that don’t make it logical / What am I thinking? / If you say I’m just an animal / I feel like I’m sinking / You can’t explain away the way I feel // You’re just pushing me down, pushing me down, pushing me down / They tell you, “Trust your head, be like men,” but never feel like you’re good enough / You’re just crushing me down, crushing me down, crushing me down / They wanna take our light, make us fight, and then cry for the ones you love // Cry for the ones you love / I’ll be your warrior, your warrior (Cry for the ones you love) / I’ll be your warrior, your warrior (Warrior) // You’re taking over and I’m feeling small / When I was a child I knew it all / Nothing magical, no hologram behind the door / Just a chain reaction, but I know I’m made for more

5 January 2019, 8:83 am; That’s right. It’s true. It’s pretty friggen obvious. I can’t help but be me. Your media made me into who I am, a pretty in pink butt kicker.


You know my name, let’s not wear it out.

  • K. And..? There. That’s enough.
  • HART. The OMG Pink Power Ranger’s surname is HART. And I have been yammering on about my mechanical heart since the beginning, and have declared myself the Queen of Hearts.
  • I stopped doing gymnastics in primary school (for reasons), but have never stopped flipping out in my head and heart. Onomastics and psychospasmic somersaults and leapfrog hopping (use your imagination, dears).
  • Sarcastic and acerbic quipster, my weaponised words lash out when I speak. I don’t always mean what I say, but I always say what I mean.

PINK PINK PINK. You can recognise me by my aura (I think it’s pink anyway, I can’t actually see any of that stuff). Here are some other pink things that I associate with myself.

  • Pinky Pie from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (obviously). But that is an old world threadbare connection. This year I have new avatars to wear…
  • Princess Cadence is pink, and her hair multi-coloured. The Princess of the Crystal Kingdom. LOVE, love and lava.
  • Kirby. Mario Kart food sucker. A very powerful vacuum.
  • Mew is a rare psychic pokemon. Adaptable, teachable, cute.
  • Potassium (vitamin K) burns pink or lilac when put to the flame.
  • Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time.
  • Pig. I’m a bloody pig. I’m a bacon loving Babe.


This is the Pink Ranger, I’m calling out for my other ranger squadron members. Billy? Tommy? Can you hear me? I’m located in the south east quadrant of this globe. I’m representing the spirit of Australia in this here fight! I’m ready to effing kick off and sing as I take flight!

Flying formation practice, I’m in the spearhead position of this flying V.