Welcome to my life.

There is no escape for me. Lucky for you. All my luck has escaped me now, transferred from me through the internet to any of you.

I will burn. Hah, funny that. I said I was setting myself on fire last night. And I’m burning bright to Herald the new year.

But like potassium, when exposed to flame I burn pink. Or lilac.

I only know shit about potassium because when I was hospitalised March 2017, diagnosed as suffering from DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) turns out I had undiagnosed type 1 diabetes. They had to pump me full of insulin, glucose and potassium.


Look, Kimmy gone done effed up her blood! Ah well, what can ye do about it?

Apparently pump me full of fluids up both my arms.

My left side was for the insulin and glucose mix, and the right side had potassium. 2 IV stands for “skiing” if I could have unplugged them from the wall. LOL

I didn’t though. It was a tough week in hospital because it was always such an effort even trying to go to the bathroom for anything as I had all these tubes and wires stuck to AND INtravenously..

Potassium fucking burns. When it was being pumped into my arm it felt like acid burning through my veins.

I don’t know why I had to share all that though. I mean.. It’s 2019, not 2017. I know I used to joke with different friends all along the years… since… I dunno.. I guess May be it started with a guy named mark? In 2001 May be. The way that I constantly eat anything and everything.. we joked about how my food and consuming habits would give me diabetes.

But that’s type 2 diabetes. At the age of 30 I was diagnosed as having type 1 diabetes, the autoimmune variety. The one that is supposed to be present from birth, and is usually diagnosed in childhood (thus the moniker Juvenille diabetes).

May be I got it when I did because I am so fucking childish. It’s pathetic.

The dreamer of waking and sleeping dreams. The bullshit artist who waffles on and never knows when to shut her mouth. The magic mirror of crazy funhouses. I can change anyone’s perspective of anything, even my own perspective. Because it doesn’t matter which was you look at it, your vantage point will always mean it can be seen in a slightly different light.

But no matter what you see, it doesn’t change the essence of the thing.

And like in chemistry, the elements exist in different forms…

I’m the element K. As a letter, as a phoneme, as a graphemes.. as a symbol. As a periodic table element too, apparently.

And out of all the fucking alkali metals, potassium is the most common radioisotope found in the human body.

So no matter what… fuck it. Fuck me and my life. I’m in all of you. No wonder I feel so strongly influence by the people everywhere. Anywhere. Especially anyone who I’ve actually spoken to. Or seen. Or heard. Or whatever.

Fuck it all the hell. Which is really just… here. Life on earth.

Fuxking sucks doesn’t it.

I wish I could pretend to be something else.. someone else…

That’s why I invented the Metatrope.

Then I could be anyone, you know? That thing that I do? Which is apparently spread my noodley appendages out and feel for brains, and feed off of knowledge and siphon out that brain grey matter juice to feed my own.

I hate everything about me. Doesn’t matter what you think you know of me. You don’t know the shit behind my eyes, in my heart, all the shit that I’ve done and still do.. even if I think I’ve backward biohacked & hijacked the gaming program beyond the heliosphere.

I didn’t want to be a pawn on the chessboard, between 2 wearing forces. Fuck you dick wolf.

This is cunt tiger and I’m talking shit for chaos. Law and order SVU and CI. The spin off versions that were actually interesting and cool to watch.

Fuck the world and the rules and don’t believe shit that I say. Just.. wait for me to do whatever the fuck I do.

I’m both Detective Peach Iced-tea. And Detective John Munchkin.

Fuck you. I am sick of caring and sick of crying. So by my words and spell weaving, poof! I’m a real-boy now!

The blue (or green) fairy reverses the fairy tale of Pinocchio, for it is PinItchyOh that had the closest truth of the matter.

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