This is how I show my love

I’m sorry everything about me is fucking backwards.

I’m wrong.

Everything about me is wrong. I never belong anywhere.

Maybe I will kill myself, blame it on my ADD baby.

It doesn’t matter who is watching or who is listening. I don’t care. I give up.

I’m in a boat and I set sail. The needles, smoke and mirrors are my metaphorical tools of my trade. Razor wire tongue that cuts everyone…

I wish I could cut it out.

And my eyes too.

And my hands.

I wish I never existed. Because I only cause pain and suffering where ever I go

By the way, in case anyone actually is paying attention? My husband doesn’t beat me

He never has. Truly.

It’s called BDSM. It’s just KINK. You’re a fucking moron.

And if you really think that I talk about shit that’s true? Well how about use your fucking brain and think for yourself.

Actions speak louder than words.

And I’m all words.

I am no action. Like many of the fallen angels who chose not to choose a side.

Thats me, through and through. Quintessential indecision. And with my bullshit words, because of the poetic technique of rhyme.. This lonely poet rhymes indecision with incision.

I look at all the lonely people and bleed for you.

I do it to myself. No one makes me do any thing I don’t choose to do for myself.

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