May 2019

Everyone keeps saying “may 2019 be….” whatever something or other.


5th card reading left to right. Therefore 1st card, 2nd row = Apocalypse. The last judgement.

Stop it. Seriously.

My life is over for Mars has entered the sign of the decisive ram.

Mars is the malefic in my natal chart. Pluto and Saturn… they’re usually seen as the “unfavourable” planets… but to me, those planets and their significations was where I felt at home…

And with my chart flipped or turned or something this year… And last year holy shit it was rough. I thought 2019 would be there year it would get better for me. For things to finally look on the up.

But it’s not like that at all. I joked about Harley Quinn in me being killed. It was just a joke, because I had a photo and it has a friend dressed as Harley slicing my throat.

I say I want freedom. But I don’t. I mean. I have freedom and bullshit. It’s all just bullshit though. The real freedom is having that connection to someone who loves you, and you love them.

This is the internet. Nothing matters on the internet. It is a useful tool to spread ideas. To communicate. My problem? I tried to communicate truth and authenticity. I was too open, too honest, too trusting…

I don’t care. There is no patreon. There won’t be anything for anyone.

Everything I say? It’s a lie.

Think for yourself. Make it up. I don’t care. I’m sick of trying. I only end up crying

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