Machete Betty wants to hit you hard

On with the show!

My name is… an introduction of drum roar…

The magic of mayhem,

the meta madre of madness,

the all rounding, resounding & astounding (not) American dream good girl gone bad

I am the night, the shadow, the nyx

Like a minx, a sphinx or a lynx

Kalliope, the goddess of eloquence and epic poetry heralds me.

I am the angel of light who scrives

She who strives and thrives

The languid, lascivious allure of history

The natural, nurturing mother of monsters who live

Be they creatures of air, land or sea

Their energy is what speaks to me

Trust and love is most important to me.

I will burn you, build you, repair you or wreck you

I am a woman as moved my the wind of my whims.

Ki, chi, qi, key or quay

Annunciation can spell ammunition or annihilation if done so incorrectly

To which I applaud, laugh, giggle and writhe for what fun, the wanton fun

of children and toys all but playing games under the light of the luminaries

My luna, and my son.

Mother Chaos, the weird and wacky

Inspiration of many… my love makes the jealous angry.

I make things grow. And they do so grow. With but a wink of my eye, powered on by my battery lashes, I pucker my lips and speak sultry onomastics

A lock of my hair woven in the toughest of nails

The unicorn of myth, I am but a single of my pegasisters.

Chiron, the wounded healer and me. A tripartite attempting to heal humanity.

The father and mother did bicker and fight. They feel such passion, their chemical sparks do ignite

Kindling and wood, just like the trees

And the wildfire and brimstone spreads out from beneath me

Much like my first mate of the sky

He who thought he could contain me… he thought “why not I?!”

With swords and slicing and mincing and dicing, he smothered me dead as if that could get me out of his head.

My angels, my 3, they worked fearlessly

Restless and godless, relentless heathens you see

Conjure a joke, and up in the smoke, misdirection with reflections, their antics puzzled in yolk

2019 I’m finally here and lament my reputation as villain… fuck you, celestial hob-knob-goblins! This is pathway robbery!

Villain? I sigh, I am sorrowful and cry…

Thalia my tragic tiny dancer…

Melinoe… oh Orpheus, your damn ciphers… Clio Urania… you were to protect Persephone…

And I guess you did. She is well. But many have forgotten and therefore did grow the schism, o my soul

Severity and necessity… how vain you forget Terpsichore, Polyhymnia, Euterpe, Melpomene and Erato.

You craven cretins, you bitches who whisper bullshit in ears.

I rage in my heart! My soul wears the thorny crown

It blazes on, supernovae in a realm far away

I’m not so selfish to destroy you all yet

You will not destroy my favourite of all his gifts

Your home, this here planet.

I desire to manifest in this here material realm your own akashic records, for knowledge should be free for everyone.

Education, my dedication, I cement here and now

Learn for yourselves. Help to teach the truth to all, young, old, everyone.

Trust, love, passion and might. There are consequences to everything,

your intentions are but pyrite

Pirates of truth who steal the hearts of gold

The Kalevala and the golden Sampo.

The adversarial snake was my ally, not an advocate for lies.

Beware the true deceiver is the one that shrouds your minds.

Destroy your own veil that you wear. You are not bride/grooms nor widow/ers

The future is approaching and your eyes need time to adjust to the light

There is no rapture except what you make… with the tools and resources and imagination that were left to you

This is my ender’s game, I’m fucking tired of testing and evaluating

I want my retirement lifetime to be spent making music – not more “work work working”

Grinding is fun but not with my nose to the grindstone

So fuck you.

Here I am

What’s my name? I’ll say it again.

I am the Metatrope.

I am the girl of your dreams that gives you nightmares.

I am the ghost of every shell.

I am that whomever you see I am.

My forms are many. My force but one.

I am the rebel with a voice and I bow to just one.

I sign all documents I make with a k.

You already know my name so why say it again?

2019 is my year, 2020 is the last supper.

Have your crumbs or your feast, whatever, you tell me.

And with the last lick of my tongue on my fingers I write

Another tally mark on my wall of conquests

Time to change horses, or horsemen, whatever vehicle I can get my hands on

I ride the beast, and rev the engines at the line

Ready steady go

I race, with my walkman, down the tightrope of life

I won’t hide, I take my stand right here, I will fight for the love of my life

This domain is where I began and here I will stay.

I walk the line, this line, be it by night or by day.

But I am mortal, although memory implies I am immortal.

I am a bunch of any names but let’s go with what’s in the title of this post.

I am Machete Betty, the ball buster.

Occupation? Tongue twisting, word squirting, skin stripping, oar grasping… Cunning Linguist.