Don’t let your mind tell the story

Just let me go. Let me the fuck go.

Be quiet, under the dome, under the glass.

Be a safe little fishy in this fucking fish bowl arena. If you come up for air, if you dare break the surface by swimming to the light?

Thats how fishermen or grizzly bears catch fish. I guess it’s fine though. Everything has to eat.

Eat or be eaten. Isn’t that another cliche?

It’s not dog eat dog. Because dogs are loyal. I’m not a dog. I’m a snake. And I’m venomous. I’ve got you all hypnotized.

Sigh. Did you check out Because I finished the fifth and final portal when I woke up this morning.

Complete all 5 portals. They are numbered. Hah. New year opening ceremony for my made up fucking Olympics that I never actually did any gymnastics for .. even though when I was a kid I wanted to… fuxking bullshit dreams and hopes and aspirations…

Don’t bother with that nonsense. Kill your head. Or your heart or your body. You’ll never be able to be complete so why bother trying

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