The Real Deal

Deleted my face. But I cannot rid my name

I have deleted all images of my face from my media. I cannot delete my name though… Everything of everything I have ever made has had my name… my… study of linguistics and shit. My discoveries.

Like my cult…


and pop culture… and… everything… EVERYTHING ABOUT WHO I AM…


Like… My obsessive nature… And egocentric EGO OMG MY EGO

I have shared my name, my birthday, my occupation, my place of work and… I was so damned determined to prove that I was a real person, and not a made up figment of anyone’s imagination… I totally got caught up in playing around in people’s imaginations.

I participated and actively encouraged the use of imaginative thought…

I am what is wrong with the world. I am (watch out, warning, metaphor ahead) the shadow. I am the dark side of the moon. Or the blood red moon, when there is a lunar eclipse. I am both grey-faced (canteen lady at the school is the one who pointed out I face and skin was looking grey…) and I am a female who loves to wear a ton of red, because it’s my favourite colour… so thus ‘the lady in red’

If I’m not wearing red, burgundy, maroon, orange, etc, BLUE is the next colour that makes up the majority of my wardrobe. Navy, dark blue. I have a light blue/multicolour print dress.

I also have a couple of dresses that are yellow, and 1 that is a nice dark forest green.

2018 my husband wanted me to experiment with wearing different colours. I was forbidden from wearing or buying anything black. That’s because he wanted me to experiment with colour and see that I can be beautiful in any colour.

So… I did.

And I learned that I can wear any colour. They’re just colours and they’re beautiful.

4:07pm, right this second my ears are friggen ringing REALLY REALLY HIGH PITCHED EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE sort of sound. It piques my curiosity to see wtf has been posted on wordpress… but… I… I dunno.

I guess I’ll publish this now. Because what the hell, right? I’m a fucking crazy crazy person. All the gamers and shit? Since everything…. everyone… SO MANY DAMNED PEOPLE ARE INTO MMORPG’s now? I guess I’m at the mercy of their whims. Fuckwits.

Go watch a film, go watch funny games. Here’s the trailer.

I haven’t checked to see if the link works. Because here in Australia, it’s a pretty hit and miss thing if youtube will let us watch a friggen clip.

but don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. Here’s a fucking movie poster.


Because it’s all awesome fun and games when it’s someone else’s life. And not your own.

I have just been fervently typing and posting and EFFING RAGING AND CRYING AND STUCK ON MY EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER. Tightly strapped in, because I don’t know how to get off of it.. I just have to wait until I care again.. If I do.. but.. yeah… I haven’t tagged or whatever the fuck any of my music posts and I dunno… Maybe I’ll try to put tags on this post?

What’s the point though. There is none. SO… why bother. .. And therefore, I won’t.

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