Vol 3. Sings & Sorens

  1. Jet – Look what you’ve done
  2. George – Breathe in now
  3. The Cruel Sea – The Honeymoon is over
  4. Grinspoon – Just Ace
  5. Choirboys – Run to paradise
  6. Mz Ann Thropik – Witchhunt
  7. Gyroscope – Baby, I’m gettin’ better
  8. Mammal – Dead
  9. 28 Days – Rip it up
  10. Dead letter circus – The armour you own
  11. Jericco – Dance like no one’s watching
  12. Jebediah – Harpoon
  13. Regurgitator – Polyester girl
  14. The Superjesus – Down again
  15. The Screaming Jets – Better
  16. You am I – Berlin chair
  17. The Fauves – Dogs are the best people
  18. Magic Dirt – Dirty Jeans
  19. Augie March – One Crowded Hour
  20. Jebediah – Animal
  21. Frenzal Rhomb – You are not my friend
    • you are not my friend / Never ever ever again/ I dream of sunsets with a drink in the sand / Of all my friends and losing money in the van / Remember holidays that weren’t such a waste / And a broken jaw from a punch in the face 

  22. Mammal – New Breed Jesus
    • You! (You!) Only made me this way! And I! (I!) Got a method for disposing of your petty little system! You! (You!) You’re the poster boy for shame! And I! (I!) Gotta state and make it clear so you can understand!
  23.  1200 Techniques – Karma
    • How am I supposed to live in a world of negatives? How am I supposed to love in a world full of push and shove? How am I supposed to breathe in a world full of lust and greed?
  24. Machine Gun Fellatio – Little cutie
    • Hey there little cutie don’t be moody don’t be moody / Take my hand we’re goin’ out / And I’d find myself if I knew where myself left me / And I feel like ringin’ all your bells… / Hey there little cutie let’s get nudie