K’s hottest 100 – songs to sirens

I make a bunch of mix tapes to say exactly how I feel inside, and maybe you might feel it too. Or enjoy it, because I love music and sharing songs, even grouping them into thematic playlists and stuff.


  • I just wanted to put together a couple of tracklistings of playlists.. to dedicate to the awesome people I have come to know, and be part of this here environment.
  • I will be using Australian musical acts – that if you live overseas, then you can take away from knowledge of some awesome music acts and shit.
  • I made 5 graphics for this series. I don’t know if I will actually do 100 songs, but i’m not 100% sure if I have 100 songs for 100 people.



  1. Vol 1. The long walk home, singing siren songs (24 tracks)
  2. Vol 2. Burning bush swallows their nightingale.
  3. Vol 3. Great grandfather of smoke, hear my song.
  4. Vol 4. Everlong John foo fights the xmas tree.

Listen to the whole playlist on Spotify here. I titled it “wyrdpriss”

Fun fact. By clicking the ‘xmas tree’ link above, you will be taken directly to the Spotify playlist titled ‘x mas sheen’