Vol 1. Songs & Sirens

  1. Killing Heidi – I am.
    • I feel it its coming its here if you want it / I am out on my own / Moving in shadow / Nobody knows who I am / Standing alone / And its me but you can’t see who I am
  2. Machine Gun Fellatio – Pussy Town
    • I’m going down, down, down, down, down, down, down, to pussy town.
  3. Eskimo Joe – Black fingernails, Red wine
    • Red-letter day, black heart / it’s gonna tear you all apart / it’s so loud; can’t hear you call / you and I are gonna fall straight down.
  4. Silverchair – One Way Mule
    • Love me for my mind cause I’m a dangerous heart / when I’ve got time to kill I’m coming back to you / I’ll stake out just to find the knife in the dangerous heart / when I’ve got time to kill I’m coming back to you
  5. Killing Heidi – Real People
    • Make it all right / Just keep your eyes shut, keep your eyes shut tight / What you feel ain’t bad  / ‘Cause there’s no shame, there’s no shame in being sad
  6. Violent Soho – Saramona Said
    • I want to bastardise this entire state / Let’s start a fire, it’s like a big freight train / Let’s start a fire, we are defeated

  7. The Cruel Sea – Better get a Lawyer
    • I wasn’t doin’ nothin’ anyway / Just what is it that I’m supposed to have done? With bloodshot eyes and bleedin’ hands… // The the officer said / Better get a lawyer son, you better get a real good one / 
  8. Machine Gun Fellatio – The girl of my dreams
    • The girl of my dreams is giving me nightmares / I found her on tv now I see her everywhere / She’s got style she’s got violent ways about her / She’s got me so that I can’t dream without
  9. Regurgitator – ! (The song formerly known as)
    • You won’t see me tribal raving baby / Cos I won’t ever look that good / I’d rather dance in ugly pants in the comfort of a loungeroom in
      Suburbia / Oooh ooh, things don’t get no better / better than you and me
  10. Spiderbait – Calypso
    • Sunshine on my window Makes me happy, like I should be / Outside All around me / Really sleazy / then it hits me / Don’t tell me / You can’t see / What it means to me

  11. The SuperJesus – Gravity
  12. Eskimo Joe – From the Sea
    • Oh She’s just so under pain / Oh I’m so spaced out today / My head’s a lead weight and it comes to you / From the the sea / hello hello oh hello (the world repeats itself somehow)
  13. Custard – Girls like that
    • Girls like that don’t go for guys like us / I still wanna see the facts / But this time she’s serious / She says there’s too too many worlds / Too many worlds wrapped up in science fiction
  14. The Whitlams – No Aphrodisiac
    • A letter to you on a cassette / ‘Cause we don’t write anymore / Gotta make it up quickly / There’s people asleep on the second floor / There’s no aphrodisiac like loneliness / Truth, beauty and a picture of you
  15. The Living End – White Noise
    • Now here we stand with our hearts in our hands / Squeezing out all the lies / All that I hear is a message unclear / What else is there to decide? All that I’m hearing from you / Is white noise, white noise

  16. Machine Gun Fellatio – Mutha Fukka
    • I’m a mutha fukka on a motorcycle / I’m a hard hallucinatory / With an axe to grind / Shootin’ from the hip / Like a porcupine / I’m a mutha fukka on a motorcycle
  17. Spiderbait – Buy me a pony
    • You’re almost on your way to popularity / and we’ll teach you to play with icy stare and punk rock hair / and beatnik flare, we’ll take you there / cause there’s nonody else like you / and we sure care just what you’re doing
  18. Missy Higgens – Scar
    • A triangle trying to squeeze through a circle / He tried to cut me so I’d fit / And doesn’t that sound familiar? Doesn’t that hit too close to home? / Doesn’t that make you shiver; the way things could’ve gone?

  19. Something for Kate – Monsters
    • I was hanging upside-down from the overpass / Waiting to discover something about the world / I couldn’t get with the program / And I couldn’t listen to them / It was like trying to think in reverse

  20. Pete Murray – Better Days
    • I’ve seen better days / Put my face in my hands / Get down on my knees and I pray to God / Hope he sees me through til the end

  21. Machine Gun Fellatio – Rollercoaster
    • You’re vine-ripened, I’m now frightened / By the lightning in my legs / You’re such a screamin’ dream I’m leanin’ / To the demons in my head
  22. Ben Lee – Cigarettes will kill you
    • You left me burned and seared / You left me ripped and teared / And older than my years / I should have know at first / That you would leave me hurt / You had to try dessert
  23. The Mavis’S – Cry
    • You looked into my eyes / you came as a surprise / you washed me in the shower / it lasted for an hour / But what we gonna do? / you leave at half past two / we waste more time each day / and everything’s OK
      except that… I can make you cry
  24. Grinspoon – Lost control
    • Bam, bam, bam trick or treat want to stay / You can do it ours and we will do it your way / Not so bad if you follow the plan / That’s how it goes with your head in the sand