one, two, Machete Betty’s coming for you

31 December, 2018, 3:24 am; Metatrope wants to make a record. K wants you all to remember. I don’t want to forget.

Spiderbait – Black Betty (lyrics)

3:29 am; Let’s put some faces to these names, these new avatars to replace the face you’ve seen of me. Because I intend to obscure my real face behind a payment veil. I am tender and I’m still reeling from the venomous betrayal that still has my soul seething. I bite my venomous tongue and hold back on revealing too much lest who knows what more of my bullshit may be revived just to haunt me…

I know I can spin words that appear to be good and light. But they come from a girl who is bad to the kore.


Wielder of blunt force trauma, whose alignment may be somewhat twisted and shady? Good girl Betty Cooper, her shadow side I’m calling Black Betty. And as I weave this evolution into me, since I like shit to be violent and bloody (lol, I dunno, it amuses me) I’m naming her/me/(this version, I guess) Machete Betty. Wham-a-bam-bam. Pebbles and stones, I smash your boulders. I bypassed your protective pauldrons, and hit ya where I (the sun) don’t shine.

You wish this sunshine would still smile for you. Your junk is in the trunk and I’m sinking that shit to the bottom of the sea. For Lorelei to pick through, laugh and scheme.

Oh brother, where art thou? George Clooney, you ol’ hound dog.


Ok. My head feels a bit funny, as does my body. Tingles… I better check my sugars. Fuck… Umm.. tags and shit, too. 3:50 am. kthnxbi ❤ S2s lol