I am a real, true, living, breathing, bleeding woman of the whole world.

You are all toys in my game. Marionette, puppet, oh my sweet dear poppet… did you not know? Tangled in my web, your strings tied and taut through the spiked spokes of my spinning wheel.

Tomorrow I will open a portal. And you will enter it with your mind. Watch this space and I will reveal the vision but one single image at a time.

You may need music to set the brain along the required frequency.

I will provide that for you too. Fucking idiots.

Hark, the herald angel sings. My songs will be melodious ballads, my dirge unto the death. I will bleed the unworthy kin.

30 December 2018, 4:50pm; I decided to add this song here, tack it on the end. I set this shit up to play what.. maybe… 17 hours ago?

But what about a song for today? What about a song for right now? Song number 5 from Joydrop’s 1999 album METASEXUAL. I think I bought this album in 2000? I still have it on CD actually.

Haha, I can be a kitty, a plant, a clown, a bird, an elemental, a monster, a machine, a royal, a derelict… LOL I CAN BE ANYTHING, LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU WANT FROM ME. Because I am every ghost to live in any shell.

Machete Betty, the Cunning Linguist, at your service.

(with a flourish of my hands, I exaggerate a bow as the curtain descends and I prepare my next costume and physical force and form for the next act)