The Real Deal

Writing is pointless to me

Ugh. I hate everything. I just want to communicate but there is not enough €@$%#* anything to communicate the @*#;#^@£@(, I want to say.

I want to smash stuff with my fists and just really get those muscles moving. And I want to scream and cry and just !*#*$;ӣ everything up.

And it’s not good enough to do things my way.

I mean… words are all I have. And they’re not good enough. I’m not good enough. I’ll never be enough.

And I know I’m not out trying to please everyone. I only need to please myself. But I’ve only ever pleased myself… Because of my words. People do what I want because of words.

So… Fuck it. I silence myself.

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    • Emojis and visual imagery to support the message. I… feel a lot of things. And so I must communicate in the different channels afforded to me. Since this is the internet and I seek to hide my self behind paid fire walls, this public facade will utilise words, song lyrics, quotes, pop culture, art, fictional and historical characters… anything and everything… to represent the various aspects of myself and the truth of the reality of the world in which we live in.
      You already know this. For it is the same message in which your guru (I mean, from my interpretation of what I have read of his words and work) was trying to teach.
      Self trust, self worth and self governance. But individuals united in the common goal of love and light. Thats how we build a community. ❤🙏🔥🌠😎