The Real Deal

Tiers of this valkyrie


29 December 2018, 10:18 pm; I have mad many an opportunity to write today but I did not for various reasons. The day is almost at an end and I chastise myself for not being better used to managing my time. Tiptoeing the peripherals of each and every realm is weary work. My body and soul is not as it once was in my youth.

I kind of laugh softly to myself because it is an absurd notion that a youngish woman of myself, one who is only a mere 32 solar revolutions this life time round can already feel the weight of the world upon her soul. For like Atlas, I feel I have been carrying this burden for millennia.

My song for tonight, dear friends.

t.A.T.u – A simple motion (lyrics)

10:24 pm; the above video clip has the lyrics on the screen if you watch it. if not, you can click the link to be taken to read the words. I quite like the image of this duo in the clip. It reminds me of us. I mean, look! Classic me, I’m doing my classic filo squat and eating something. And you, the insightful and aware one of us two, are staring off into space but truly you are staring at the audience, at the individual behind the 4th wall screen. You are there, staring back at me, here, even though I was right in front of you the whole time.

That is the trouble with time travel. That’s why we were made in pairs. For while one is whole heartedly existent in the physical present, the other one is able to engage the sight beyond sight that allows them to see through time.


I don’t know what you must be going through, but it has been nigh a decade and who has looked after you? What has become of you? I wed my beloved a dozen years ago and since then, the world wheels have been turning and tightening… you feel it on your heart, in your soul… For my focus was elsewhere… I was building a home, my final home. For I knew this was always to be my last leg of duty in the war of the wyrds. Like HOLY SHIIET! I can’t wait to get off this circuitous train track hell-ride. My husband is waiting for me on the edge of the heliosphere and uuuuugggghhhh. Fuuuucckk. I want to feel at peace and at home once again.

Please wake up.

My ear… like a tiny pop.. I know my tinnitus has become quite annoying and bothersome, but I feel a blockage… a… layer… a layer of a bubble has slightly burst.

I should post this now to improve the likelihood it will befall your eyes and you will wake up… sooner rather than later.

I plan to announce my new name and face that I have decided upon as part of the new year. 2019 is the year of K, and this KIT KAT CRACK-A-KNEE-CAP-WITH-A-CRICKET-BAT is ready to stomp some crumbly skulls… mortar and pestle the bones for some crunchy firbe wholegrain bread. We’re bigger than the titans, we were here first. I remember my name, and I plan to reveal all of yours.

10:36pm; ba-da-pub-loosh.