FFW! The creative & learning processes..

28 December 2018, 8:24am; I really am stuck for words, which does seem to be bizarre however I believe it to be an indication that instead I should be revising my words and my strategy in going into the new year.
It’s not the time for NEW shit, even if it is time for a new year. Soon. 4 days, really..
Since it is Friday and a long time ago (when I first started this thingy this past few months) I instilled FRIDAY FREEWRIGHT, which is basically just a thingy for me to show you unedited, unrefined craptastic creative idyllations.
This will not have been even the 2nd time I’ve reblogged my own shit.

Originally posted on this blog 26th October, 2018.

Friday Freewright – glutton for punishment

Literally just copied and pasted stuff from my old AF LiveJournal. Here are 4 different thingys, dates span between 2001 – 2011.


She visited every place that she knew he had been, and would stand still and try to feel the echoes of his presence once there. She would walk about the place in silence with her eyes fixed to the floor, gathering the feathers she sought to find. When her bag of collected feathers was finally full, she returned to her dark and empty home and there she could begin.
She removed the feathers one by one from her bag and would carefully clean and shape each one of them, attempting to restore them to the imagined glory she believed them to once possess. She wove and sewed the feathers together and fashioned them into a stunning pair of make-shift wings. The wings looked magnificent despite the various types of feathers that made up its whole.
She picked up the wings and walked out the door. All she had to do now was to find him and hope her humble offering would help restore him to grace.


“i’m sorry.”
“no, please. i want you. you’re the coolest fucking person i’ve ever met. i want to be with you. you’re my dream.”
“you might think i’m the coolest, or the best, but you’ll find someone later on who you will think is just as good as or even better than me.”
“no i won’t. i’ll never find anybody like you. but it doesn’t matter if i do, you’re the one i want.”
“we can’t be together. i don’t want to be in a relationship with you. please understand this.”
“so i pretty much fucked everything up, didn’t i?”
“i don’t know. maybe.”


voodoo lady i had pencils in my head. like pins in a pin cushion, the pencils were puncturing the top of my head. i was sitting and talking to a friend who said “um, do you realise you have pencils in your head?” to which i ran my hands over the pencils, feeling them with my palms and replied “oh yeah! i’ve had them in for over a day now!” and i started pulling them out one by one. and i could feel them slowly coming out of my brain and skull.. and then i could see myself from the back and could see the holes they had left behind.


*rolls around in pool of own blood*
this is so much fun
isn’t dying and dying such a joke?
such a cruel cruel joke?!
let us all sacrifice ourselves to a god
hang myself upside down and slice myself from navel to throat.
rip my heart out and play with it as you laugh in my face.
did we all enjoy that show?
don’t lie
i know you did.

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