Educational Patreonism

1st January 2019, this site will change, again.

Kinda frustrating being the embodiment of chaos. But fuck it, aye, learn to roll with the punches (liquify, then puddle pool along the floor and solidify elsewhere in another form).

So watch this space, and keep an eye on my #COK too. Because roosters squawk at the break of dawn “COCKADOODLEDOO!” Or…. “any cock’ll do?!”

I’m not sure. I’m not a chicken. I’m a bird of prey. The songs I sing don’t always sound the same.

The trill of a Kestrel or the cry of a Crow. The only thing I know is that I bring woe to wherever I go.

Oh yeah. 28 december 2018, 5.15pm. Hopefully you guys get the meaning of the spiritual hints and shit. See all this the way I see it.