Legit prophesy: 2019 will f u

27 December 2018, 6:16am; I made some posters on canva.com because using graphic templates affords me the pretense of creativity.

I made these thingys with the idea of “blatant self promotion” in mind. Propaganda and inciting rebellion in the masses, but remember that even though I am a messenger of the gods, I am insane. And insane people are not respectable leaders of any organised revolution.

Even if I say shit that is true, that doesn’t make it real. Or it does. I might be an unreliable narrator. Or I might even be a liar. I’m insane (even if all brain scans point to a healthy megamind), remember? Make up your own mind.

I’ll be posting more of these posters over the course of the day (and I’ll be putting them on insta and on the cult) because PROMOTIONAL MARKETING PUBLICITY NOISY ATTENTION GRABBY SCENE STEALING SHITCAKE SPINNY INTERPRETIVE CONTEMPORARY DANCE!

So yeah. Hold on to your hats, your horses, your daughters, your sore holes. I am the saviour of nothing, a self made messiah. I’m making this up as I go along and so far, so good.

Ideally you’d sign up to my patreon thing when I launch it on the first of January. I’m a capitalist communist cult leader of individualism. I could not be more clear.

A tune to whistle while you work? Stabbing Westward – save yourself.

9 thoughts on “Legit prophesy: 2019 will f u

  1. JayParkhe says:

    Right timing! Last teen year of this century. Coming of age? Or reminding what was it like in 1918! And how far we have pro/De-gressed? Is is going to be a Reductive or productive year will depend upon the S/Thinking feeling you get in the gut. Sinking will be the butterflies floating at random and Thinking? May be – finding a way ( a puncture, make a hole in, perforate, pierce, penetrate, rupture, spike, stab, split, slit, rent, lacerate, gash, gore – but not fly in Formation, and become another piece of information!) I hope to re-view, re-place, re-position my blog and also change my caterpillar harvester’s (of ideas) 28 gears and 100 odd legs and help produce the butterflies- by mis-stepping the coccoon stage of hybernation. I wish to enjoy the last teen year of the century as I may not live to see the next like many of my baboomer generation. I look forward to see your new, improved, improvised, Blo-0gle, many will like to 0ogle! Cheers and wish you all the best in 2019!😀🙏🙏🙌👏👏👏🙏👌

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    • Kalliope says:

      So pleased you’re still on board, for our tanks are coming together and we are but a convoy of armed articulatory tanks! Shooting and destroying the meaningless walls redundant “protection”. You get it, I know you do, for it’s the building blocks of the words and their affixings that inform me of your true allegiance (thus why you don’t seem to have shot the shit out of me for my own sins and shortcomings, too. I think. I hope so anyway. thank you)
      In to the new year and we’ll figure out our formation as we go. As long as the fight is figurative and not physical, we can bring it on like it’s donkey kong! hahaha.
      the monarch butterflies, the queen bees, the great bears, the kings of the jungles…. let nature’s royal army unite and tell everyone what’s wrong and what’s right. 🙂
      thanks again Jay. I appreciate you’re assistance!!!!

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