The Real Deal

The shitty sound of sirens

Yeah that linky dink is kind of up. The shit was haphazardly slapdash smashed together in a new pork glazed minute.

I didn’t put the effort to select the best line and video for the songs. A lot kind of overwhelming me and crap.

But yeah. Check it out. Whip, Tara, Spiral, Echo and Storm each have 1 song per “album”. And there are like 25 or so people I haven’t tagged to let them know they were included in my lists. But.. whatever.

The songs are collated in 2 spotify playlists which I have named wyrdpriss, and x mas sheen.

I wish you all a nice holiday. This little ball of eternal flames of damnation and hellfire (aka, sunshine) is going to turn herself inside out to form a black hole (omg did I ever tell you the story about my time as a black hole before?!), and on the 3rd day I will rise again.

I mean, it’s the 24th December 2018 right now. 8.55pm. I’m posting this here for you but don’t expect to hear from me (on any platform or comment box) again until the 27th.. I expect. I dunno. I’m hurting a great deal.

Santa knows stuff.