The Real Deal

Fuck the both of you

I replied to the email and said to do it.

Fuck it.

You would involve children in this matter? When I explicitly said I did not want to get students involved.

I know who I made admin of my site, who I wrongly trusted.

Do whatever the fuck you want. You’ve already decided what you were going to do.

I at least was open and honest from the start. And you are hurt so you do this. Fine. I’m not the thought police.

Wanna know what I’m wearing right now, you fucking pervert?

That’s right. How’s that for “perfect timing” and shit.

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        • I dont want to start anything new to feed the flames that I have already started with my sins. But I am happy to accept any prayers or light work spell working or whatever you and anyone can muster to ensure that my husband and really any innocent who has had the bad luck of just knowing me… I don’t want people to suffer because I am the worst.
          My husband and our children deserve better than what this man and his henchmen have unleashed.
          Genuinely there is only so much power I have over people. I only wanted to spread love, light and truth. My vanity and ego ultimately got in the way of that. And now..? This is it. I don’t want to start any wars and I feel that I may have started it anyway just by the past… I can’t go back and change what was done. But everything I do to try to own up to and fix in my own mistakes? It makes it worse. I have to let go of this all and just pray that it will be okay. Because there’s nothing illegal about what transpired, it was immoral though. And I get what I deserve. But it’s bullshit that my family has to suffer in irreparable ways because of those 2 specific people (1 whose identity I know and have chosen to shield, and the 1 who emailed me and distributed the stuff).
          Who has the moral high ground now? Well not me, because I did wrong. But I rest easy knowing those 2 individuals will burn in hell for what they have done.
          Does hell exist? I guess they are the ones who have to decide on that. Because it is whatever they believe to be true.

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