Glory holes

My life as a stereo

22 December 2018, 12:00pm; I made this thingy earlier today and I didn’t actually link it anywhere. Why? I dunno… I didn’t think it mattered. I… Should probably tell people that they are on my “playlist” (or will be, I only have 24 songs up so far, but I have a list of more written down in my paper notebook)


If you are reading my actual blog page you will see “Sirens” in the menu at the top of the page. It’s through there. Or, if not, I’ve included this image here because I can physically point you in the direction you need to go. Yes, that is an image of me pointing into that dark tunnel. Because if you follow it long enough your eyes will adjust to the darkness and you will see all my collections of my favourite things.

LOL How’s that for time mastery? This photo was taken back in 2009, the graphic was made 5 days ago, the skull crusher mountain was erected 7 days ago, 4 hours ago I made the connection between Skullcrusher Mountain and The Sound of Music, and just as I was typing this I have further cemented that neural pathway… Music is the way through the tunnels of one’s inner darkness. Well I know it is for me. For I have a FUCKING GRAND CANYON full of musical lyrics, tunes, melodies and memories. HAH FUCK YEAH.

Anyway. Don’t worry if you don’t like my types of favourite things (like stitches, and slashings and bloody face bashings, games that we play and imagine like dragons, poetic justice is my ideal punishment, all but a few more of my favourite things).

We don’t have to have the same taste, it’s all good g. But here’s the link to my Sirens of WyrdPriss 2018 playlist thingy.

12:15 pm. And I should go to that page and make sure to start fucking tagging people.