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The Full Moon in Cancer takes place at 0° Cancer, the solstice point. This is one of the 4 cardinal degrees, or cardinal directions of the zodiac. 688 more words

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22 December 2018, 10:41 pm; I have just gotten home and I felt it was absolutely imperative for me to make a blog post about this astrological transition. JUST BECAUSE. It’s really stupid and annoying because I do not live my life buy predictions and prognostications especially in divinatory matters. Don’t get me wrong, I love looking and perceiving experiences and events through the esoteric lens, but I very clearly have always seen this as a REACTIVE response, rather than proactive.

I’m not an astrologer, and I would call myself a middling tarot reader at best, but I am a trained educator. I know how to “gauge” people and situations, by noticing little signs and cues about whatever stuff… in that present situational context. I am observant but not without judgment – for I can be absent minded or dismissive of particular nuances I deem as presently irrelevant.

Tonight on the drive home I was admiring the full moon in the sky as well as doing a little scroll through my WordPress reader and noticed 3 poets had shared poems about finding peace and love exactly where they are right now.  1 was about a separation or severance of sorts, 1 was about the death or loss of someone, and the third one was about their contentment and joy in being with their spouse.

I thought it was quite interesting and telling that a particular comment I had laid had not gone through and it dawned on me… I must share this message (whatever I fucking get around to eventually in this blog post, LOL). BECAUSE FULL MOON IN CANCER. (click the above link and read about the astro transit)

Full Moon in CancerCancer:

Your feeling of safety is now related to your home, family and related activities such as cooking and gardening. You may be prone to emotional fluctuations; you should learn to forgive and forget in order to avoid depression from thinking too much about things. Your perception of the world can be very subjective; try to create a certain distance without being bitter. Due to your rich emotional manifestation you can create a real sense of belonging in the world.

Copied and pasted from here, astro-seek.com.

I wanted to do a little card reading to share with you, to hopefully bring context and a sense of closure to this ever-turbulent time of upset and unease. For Uranus has been a motherfucker and just doing his thing, rocking the damned boat.

I decided to go back to my grass roots FIRST EVER OG tarot deck for this one. And as I reached for my deck I noticed this top card from my Warhammer Champions booster pack I bought yesterday. AND I KNOW OMFG it’s not even “divinatory” at all!! But that’s the thing though… It’s the tiny details we notice as standing out of the ordinary… Those tiny normally insignificant piques are signals from our inner self to PAY ATTENTION, LOOK AT IT.
Behold the 2 cards! I have left the image completely unedited so that you all may look for the signs as the fact of reality presents them to me. Unedited and unfiltered. But if they don’t mean anything to you, they don’t have to mean anything to you. Every miniscule thing has some sort of meaning to someone, somewhere, in some way.
My advice, or message, or whatever… FUcking just the thingy. The cards tell me thus:
  • You have done well awakening that adventurous and curious spirit within yourself. However you must (good thing you’re doing it now anyway, sort of. I hope so anyway!) make sure that you make your home life stable and secure. For only when we have that inner source of strength and love can we venture out into the great unknown because the thing with adventures is that they’re only fun when we have a nice warm home return to each night.
  • This is not the end of any uncharted or unexplored adventures, though. You are merely setting stock, regaining your strength and inner fortitude.
  • There are 2 wands, in that tarot card. You don’t have to travel and explore the world (or your mind, or your body, or your soul) alone. Secure that connection at home, try again. You have returned from battle and are bolstered by your sheer performance on the battlefield. You may be wounded and weak RIGHT NOW, but know what you are actually fucking capable of. Forge your own squadron when the time is right, shit it could even just be your own army of 2 (my favourite xbox game for a good long time haha).
  • One step at a time, one area of focus at a time. Take it as slowly or as quickly as you need to, for you are the only one who knows what you are capable of achieving in any given moment. Everyone processes differently. No one is being “left behind”. There’s no rapture.
  • Whenever you are ready, you can totally slipstream back into the warzone. You see that warhammer card is from the age of sigmar (fantasy, “history”), but there’s still the whole 40k universe (sci-fi, future) that can be played. LOL time doesn’t matter, except for the very time you have right here, right now. Use it wisely. It is precious.
  • The people who share their lives with you do so out of love. You should also make sure they know how much you love them too.

11:27pm. That’s all I have to say about this. I’m smiling. My heart is swell with emotions and I cannot let myself drift out on my own turbulent stormy seas left I drown in my own tempest. Because if I lose myself in myself, I don’t know if there’ll be anyone who knows how to pull me out of the snare of a rip – when it is a metaphor. I am not swimming at a beach, I’m merely using rhetoric to explain my position.

11:30pm. I cracked my neck. Seriously. Just.. tag and publish.