The Real Deal

Speak in to the receiver

21 December 2018, 7:55 pm;

  1. Last night I had a massive tanty (tantrum.. or.. meltdown… nuclear.. explosion..?). Yup. I am a crazy volative explosive ball of rage and fury, and light and warmth, and hypnotic and gigantic and have caught you all within my orbit. So now you’re kind of stuck, aye? Or not. It’s all the same to me.
  2. I announced I will be taking this shit down.. AGAIN! Re-launch (omg… 3rd times the charm.. right? maybe? some thing) for the new year, 1st January 2019. I need to make some very clear rules and delineations between
    • what will be for free here on MMMOTHER,
    • what will go to my teeny so-far flaccid COK (Cult of Kim),
    • and finally what you can gain from putting your wallet where your mouse-click-LIKE is.
  3. I have to totally remove my blahs from such.. instant word vomit. I need to employ a filter or something so I don’t fuck my personal physical REAL WORLD life up. Because I fear I bring shame and intense scrutiny towards myself; which is fair enough, I get what I deserve. Any stoning and/or burning will be quietly met with “yeah, shit ey. my bad” (and there is a shit ton of bad. I have a hard time keeping up with them all).
    • HOWEVER! Drawing the eye of sauron unto myself, REFLECTED GLORY and all that shit. Turns out I bring attention to the people in my immediate “circle of associates”. Which is not fair for they did not consent to being plastered on my bullshit blog like any painted whore.
    • I’m the painted whore. Pay no attention to the gauche sprinkles that surround me upon my ganache. What? Ganesh won’t forget, and neither do I. I like cake and I damn well will have mine and eat yours too.
  4. I aim to present myself as honestly ignorant as I truly feel. This is most easily completed by telling you all I AM MAKING THIS SHIT UP OFF THE TOP OF MY FUCKING HEAD. Who are YOU to put such blind faith in a middling mediocre modicum of humanity?
  5. Maybe because I’m a meta-mecha-matron of -metaphysical prognostications. A metaphilosopher of metallurgic lurgies. A super-sayist, a free-wheeling, spit-bulletin, joy-dropping and jaw-breaking “wyrd witch”; I much prefer a soi-disant Moise Linguist.
    • By following along this list appeal, you may follow my “Jacob’s ladder” when really, there’s no Jacob this side of K-town. Not this time around.
    • As I prep for the new year new me stuffing mcstuffins, I have to truly control myself from friggen.. WRITING SO DAMNED MUCH! I need to filter my output so not to damage my surrounding lovely loves who prefer to be hidden in dark shadows.
    • 2018 was the year I transcended the ideation of separate roles and identities within the continuation of perpetual (and ultimately out of societal sync) cycles. So 2018 I became the grey-faced Moon.
    • 2019 as marked by my solar return, I have become the Sun. For many years I associated myself with “sunshine lollipops and rainbows and everything” but no… I’m not the beautiful LIGHT. I am the ever-consuming FIRE. Shit, sucks for the people who are close to me… I totally burned up decay, and I hope and I pray that those who suffered – truly, truly got fucked over – I hope they’re okay.

8:33 pm; The impact of this upon you, my readership.

  • I hope you subscribe something to my patreon page. I haven’t even fucking started working on that shit yet…
  • I still want to communicate and share shit with you guys, so even though I have no idea how my blog will be managed yet, know that I’ll be lurking in the comments and just.. saying shit whenever and whereever
  • For my patreon I want your money so I can do whatever the fuck I want with it – but not “go shopping” and “high tea with queens”. I just… I want to make stuff. And I want to know what you guys want from me.
    • Do you want to be entertained?
    • DO you want to learn something?
    • Do you want to perve on my utterly cute As Fey self?
    • Do you want to collaborate on some shit or whatever?
    • Do you want me to provide you with assistance that utilises some facet of my professional experience and training?
      • Master of Teaching Secondary > Humanities > English text & writing > Education > Art history & cinema studies.
      • Teaching & Learning > Special Education > English > Learning Support > Industrial Arts
    • Super dooper experimental and experiential enthusiast of LIFE. I like to learn, try it out, feel stuff, think about it, and talk about it. I am the pri-HISTRIONIC erotic NEUROTIC supra girl! FUck yeah!
  • Feedback! Loopback! Throwback! Ridgeback! Just comment and discuss. I like to facilitate discussion as that is how EVERYONE gains knowledge and benefits from such discourse. It is the didactic dynamic that I LOVE to engage in. Sharing our blahs blahs in an appropriate and free love and guns giving environment.

8:59 pm. Booyahkasha.