The Real Deal

Lifehack: Demonstrat Retro Active History.

19 December 2018, 2:59 am. I hate everything about me and what I do. I am a blight upon this earth and I may be a source of inspiration – a MYTHOLOGICAL MUSE made manifest upon this material plane – the truth is I will never be good enough by my own standards. The only way to fix your mistakes and error of your ways is to be proactive in the present to manifest your desires.

It is the same lessons taught at school, or at church, through allegory, mythology, any sort of narrative, scientific journal article, religious or spiritual textual canon. The answers to all of life’s questions can be found so only as you are asking them, or seeking them.

Before I started this article I was trying to edit and go over the first “article” thingy I ever wrote up here (that was not “introducing myself”). I was dicking around with the title YET AGAIN to fit the scope of what I was trying to cover. And THE SAME QUESTION pops a pustule head.. “haven’t I already written this before?” . SO I took photos of my laptop screen (as my evidentiary proof of stuff). Maybe it can help some of you to heal yourselves.20181219_032004.jpg

I never published either because I never finished writing them. Well.. the paradoxical Psycho/Em one I “finished” because it was pretty fucking basic, but I pulled it down way back.

I’m deciding on a whim to just post them today to accompany this blog post. There are a lot of things I need to confess and come clean with. Because all of this stuff on my blog? Completely my own shit. And shit is fucking disgusting. But.. here I am positing in it and living here and shit instead of the depressing real world of physical actuality.

PARADOXY TOXINS – link to psychological paradox; link to time travel drafted intro.

4:20 am – Post this now I guess. It’s.. some thing.

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