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How to time travel

(published as is, 19 December 4:25 am.

Turn, slide, back, door, time.

11 december 2018, the time is 3.35 and im in turbo teacher tutorial mode! Let’s begin!

For this time travel thing to work, well really of you want any magic to work, you have the most power when you centre and align every part of yourself to where you are in the present time and location. You need utmost self awareness, direction and purpose. Or failing that, just hold on to me while I get ready to do the things!

So all 3 things have to happen at once. You need visual, auditory, and also kinesthetic elements if you want this to actually work. I’m garbage at “teaching properly” until I’ve delivered and explained the process a few times so bare with me while I work on lowering this mental fog.