Murder she courts

The primal rises and in a bid to mate the master, / swaggers their jabber cocky, sauntering / towards the court or unseen courts. / The queen watched bemused / a coy smile stretched across her face. / a wicked grin indeed she had hatched to begin. / And aloud she diascrived;

Bring that poet to me

Kneel before your fucking queen.

Speak now or I will sweetly

gently slowly softly

Bring us both down to our knees.

I will lay you down, calm your heart with my deep doe eyes that are brown

You will smile

And my knee I will press down onto your Adams apple

And repo my gift that allowed you to fucking speak.

Twisting the sampo slowly in her hand, the golden treasure that was unrightfully taken. Jealousy had filled his heart when she was favoured over he. So he stole a bite of the fruit of the asp and…tick tock click and springs

It’s a me, kallisti! Lol

Kalliope. Eris. Hera and Hel.

Morgan. Babylon. Inanna or Ereshkegel

Rowena, Lineya, both incubi and succubi

Annunaki Annikki, knowledge of gnosis

Thunderbolts and lightening

Doors and windows frightening

Together we shake the world to it’s core

The earth quakes and the air trembles as we approach and come closer together

The ice is thawing, gnawing, dripping, dropping

A trickle of blood, thoughts fall to the floor

Slice open your heart and we will eat the seeds

The pomegranate – fruit of the Greek

The golden apple or maybe a pear. Peaches or apricots or plums? Is but fruit which I bear

I am the acidic of sweets. Citric acid my favourite of all fruits to eat.

Echo told me of the malic acid.

I’m not poisonous. But I can be toxic. Too much of me and I fear we won’t last long in our lifetime here

I don’t wanna die. But I also want to. It doesn’t fucking matter so long as it’s with you

Wait. What the fuck? I d o nt know if that was the message I wanted to put out… entirely… I just let the world flow when then flow from me

17.December.2018, 5.22am.

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