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PART 3 of the skullcrusher mountaineering

15 December 2018, 5:11 am. I’m still not done with the skullcrusher mountain song by Jonathon Coulter. Mountains are fucking massive, I live along the great dividing range. I guess that’s why I’m a ranger or scout. The OG Pink Power Ranger, a might morphing animorph. Or a xenomorph. I am Xena the warrior princess, or more rightly so BATTLE ANGEL ALITA, aka GALLY. This here is my galley, my gallery, my fucking MMMOTHER OF ALL SHIPS. I fucking SHIP IT. OTP. FANGIRL HARDCORE FANNING FUCKING EVERYTHING. And right now I am on fucking fire and I am BURNING EVERYTHING TO THE GROUND

Background context…

Which… is fucking awkward as fuck because the school I work at suffered a fucking fire in 2014. And it took until THIS YEAR OMFG before the government actually came through and fucking finished constructing the building to replace the old one. 4 FUCKING YEARS and it was supposed to fucking be COVERED BY INSURANCE. Seriously. Fucking serious as fuck. Albeit I wasn’t working t/here at the time. I started working there in 2016.

But anyway. Maybe that can give you guys context to my real life, real time, REAL AS CAN BE fury at fucking everything. I love my friends and my family, I love my home, my house, my experiences and everything. And at the same time why I hate everything as well. And Why I fucking… hate me too. Because retroactively, my retrospective proclivities allow me to overanalyse and just… the only single only thing I can see as fucking the root single centre of everything… is me. My… qualia. ME. That I am the centre of my own universe and everything I fucking touch turns to gold and dies. Like King Midas. And I don’t want the people I love and everything I care about to fucking die. Because I just.. I’m supposedly “LUCKY”. Luck runs both ways. Good and bad, depending on where you stand. And I’m sorry for all the fucking damage I have done in my past, and the damage I see happening around me, and the correlations that seem to happen without me even realising it. And I’m sorry for the damage that I seem to be doing to myself, because the diabetes. LOL. Yeah.

back to the present scenery…

If there is enough time in my life, sure, I’ll go back to talking about my shit. Whatever. But right now? I am using my educational training to demonstrate my WOW skills at using other people’s skulls to build a mountain, by crushing and skilling the lyrics to Jonathan Coulter’s skullcrusher mountain. (I’m trained in English, text and writing. I’m a teacher, not a fucking leader. But I am happy for you to follow this pie-eyed piper, as I pave my own yellow brick road).

FUUUUCKKKK. I NEED SOME HAPPINESS TO KEEP ON GOING. Seriously. I get so weighed down by the bullshit reality of physical actuality. MUSIC, IMAGERY & MOVEMENT (DANCING). Alleviates that fucking heavy as lead, dead weight in my head.


This here is the fucking new world order and I want credit for my shit. Everything by my very own hand? That I make up? I’m signing all my shit with a K. K at the start, knock ’em dead. All my naysayers and people who (very rightly so, however, lol) think I’m insane. I’m not insane, I assure you. You’re just not quick enough to keep up with me (sorry. But look at the above image to assure yourself, you’re not the only one).

Since I am my very own herald, the harbringer of my own destruction, I hereby formally (at least putting it on this mmmother) dub this apocalypse …. KARMA-GEDDON. (theme music, Salt N Pepa PUSH IT).


Why have I chosen this particular song? Because GET UP ON THIS, BABY BABY, OOH BABY BABY. I have told you all that I am an annoying fukcing gnome who likes to climb shit. Because if I can climb it, I can ride it. It can be sexy, or it can be sporty, it can be scary, or it can posh. Basically I’m just a fucking baby who is lazy and wants to be cuddled and held and take me to that place to get that thing I am maybe vaguely pointing to. Because I’m a spice girl. Whooa.. spice girl. NA -NA -NA -NA! A shot to the head, because I’m better off dead. You have to wake up, wake up. You’re in my fucking headll.

Welcome to my playground, where I have fun with names. Oops motherfucket. I did it again. I played with your heart, you got lost in my maze again.

I swear when will I ever fucking get to talk about my fucking skullcrusher mountain? Probably after we sail the fucking seas of monkeys in my yellow submarine. I am fucking afraid of what lurks in the deep, deep blue. Did you know that? Fucking.. octopi, squid, amorphous blobs… just… OMG STARFISH I FUCKING HATE STARFISH THEY SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF ME. You have no idea.

I wonder if I will ever talk about my hair and why it’s everywhere. FUCKING EVERYWHERE. SERIOUSLY. Or what about my pyramid of severed heads? I wanna crush it and kick it because it’s funny to do that. Not because I am racially or culturally insensitive. But because through humour and comedy we are able to face our fucking fears. And we don’t have to do that shit alone. And the dementors kiss isn’t anything to be afraid of. It is the fucking circle of life. We are all going to fucking die one day. Some sooner rather than later. And that is said, but it’s certainly not tragic. It’s FACT, TRUTH, REALITY, THE ACTUAL PHYSICAL WAY THAT IT JUST IS. Life and Death are the same, you cannot have one without the other. Beauty and Beastly aesthetic appearances are just exactly that – shallow, superficial opinion biased observations.

I dunno dude. I need to listen to music again to get me back in the mood. I have to sign this one and send it out. Fucking fry up this fish first, I think the next post will be about the fucking sea. Because it’s my fear and I have to face it. If I’m to move past this shit, part 4 we will head under the sea.


6:19 am, signoff spinning and twirling (I’m not smiling though, I’m nauseous from swirling)


This is part one // part two // part three // part four // part five of my skull crushing mountain making series.


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