The Real Deal

Temporary post

Guys I hope I have time to type properly

Hey hey there. I am making an audio recording right now. This is a audio dictated thing and it’s just to say that I’m trying to collate and make sense of this message that I am receiving all this lesson that I am I don’t actually need a front whatever epiphany has come to me.
I don’t know if this recording thing you will make sense because it off and doesn’t but I hope to know keep learning and loving and teaching and talking singing her whatever you know I want to keep down all the things hopefully you guys might find valuable cos I planted launch patreon my mum’s birthday which is funny enough New Years Day 1st of January that’s my mum’s birthday.
Hopefully this afternoon or this evening tonight I will have enough time to put it together an article ideal it. Ideally I would actually be great to have a actual podcast microphone or something to
Let me add on to this actually that I don’t want you no free donations of you no gifting massive things I want to learn my spot and my place of respectability
and legitimacy so not saying that anyone is or has plans to buy me massive stuff whatever just I would rather work for it so if anyone did say no to help help get this thing off the round I would I want to help you too so it’s sharing and caring and giving and receiving power of magic in friendship

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