The huntress reminded me of stuff

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Btw – it’s not 6.05am. I am laying the right to claim I have all day to edit this post anf shit..

Ok? I’ll do whatever I want. To my own blog post. Being honest and open and upfront about shit. 6.07am. Gotta go. I’ll update this shit if I can later.

I am a fucking field of memories, and shit. I am the mothershit from whence your blessings came. An agrarian society and culture. That’s me and mine desire. You thank and play and fucking i don’t give a fuck. … Give and take. Its the interplay.

Harley Quinn. Let’s begin our walk down my memory lane. Follow me. I have visuals to back me up. For setting, and, character.. to help set the imagination in my mise-en-scene.


Use those ruby red stilletos to crush the balls of your oppressors. I wear red dresses not red shoes. my shoes are black. I’m a queen and you have permission to just smash the shit up. I used to be Harley and I rode my mother fucking joker

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

i have to fucking go. I fucking hate life and it is constantly interrupting. i want to upload the photos i have of my time as harley quinn. but i don’t have the chance to give context.


photos. i will post the photos here. without context fuck instagram lol





because who the fuck cares. i’m not dead. i don’t need a man to kill me. i can kill myself. or not myself.

get a friend to help you

i’m lazy and want to get back to doing this shit i can in the minimal time i am afforded.

6 am my time is up pos tit now. give it up

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