screenshot_20181202-230256_instagram5413775898257574381.jpgZena is a poet from Instagram and she writes on Scribbler’s Arena, that’s how I first learned of her existence.

She has been ever to kind to write a thingy for my bloggy blog for me. I was all like “eer.. dude, I dunno. STUFFS! WORDS?” And through ym incomprehensible somehow crumb o works

And tonight, she did not disappoint, I was squealing legits going “aaaaajjjjjjJ!!!” nhas a nw

You know, I’ve been struggling to promote myself because I’m not a sell out whore that you can give me some money (or no money, because) and then I’ll suddenly make  your dreams come true or whatever.

I’m putting the feelers out, the expandling tentacle noodley appendages… I’m CALLING ALL KIMIONS (cooee–seeeees)

If I’ve somehow had an impact in your life in some way or another, I would love for you to let me know what I did that was cool or whatever because literally I’m just doing whatever? I could be anyone or anything that you need me to be. I’m a people person and that’s my … “product” or “service” (I am not a sex worker even if I do both of those things).

Zena has seriously just made my day right there… well, it’s 12:22am son TOMORROW I WILL STILL BE RIDING HIGH  on this self- – STEAM.

I don’t have anything that super doper awesome to give to you in return… Maybe I could do a tarot or oracle reading! Or how above see what there conversation flows organically!

So one more time with clarity:

  • I would like to include your testimony in my testimonials page, or just hearing feedback will help me nose in on “that thing that I do”.
  • You can comment, email, message or whatever to let me know.
  • I’m not demanding, no I am  I unjust. I like everyone to make sure they hare 100% completely pleased with the whatever

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