Faint Tracings of Vanity Veins

6:14 am, 3 December 2018.

  • Happiest of solar revolutions to the original sky walker, Luke.  It appears the Jedi and Sith truly now have parted ways… which fucking sucks but I know we are not fictional. We are but the extroverts in our introverted oceanic worlds. So it makes sense that we may be seen as captains of two opposing sides, leading and navigating the tectonic ripples – we’re only separated by space, place and time. I know it is not my intention nor purpose.
  • Before I was even typing this blog post now I was planning the organisation of my library when I was approached asking if I was available to come in today. Since it was for PDHPE I agreed and now here I am rushing a hasty typed thingy before I forget what was on my mind.



I want to make my own education system, my own education network or whatever it is. Just… I am university trained in education, teaching and learning. So I know what I’m talking about even if I have not found the most apt words or definition yet to define my aims and goals.


I am only a single person. I am not crazy – I am not mentally challenged, deranged, fractured, divided, splintered, I AM NOT INSANE. I have totally had my brain scanned and analysed and observed. I am perfectly sane. I am merely rushed to try to get everything out before I forget as life gets in the fucking way.


I made these graphics on I’m posting them now as section dividers and also memory prompters for my benefit. It is also to show you the shit I have been working on in the background when I haven’t been actively seen to be writing or working on my blog.

I 20181201_181224_0004-11650819690865230280.png

I have to go like literally it is now 6:28 am and I promised Jain I was not to work on my blog between the hours of 5 am and 9 am, that way I could be focused on the children and preparing the household for their day.


I’m putting all of my “educational motivational promotional whatever” digital poster thingys so that way it gives both you and myself the whole scope of picture if I have to suddenly leave. This are train tracks. These are not bread crumbs. Bread crumbs can be blown away in the wind or eaten my birds. I have to make this more lasting and able to be fucking traced or followed regardless of class.


The concluding image of course are my names, my signatures, my signs of who I am. I have taken some (APPROPRIATED) from places, but these are all mine because they are my epitaphs, my descriptors. They are not my personal pronouns, but my visible vocational verbs.

What I do, even if I don’t know what it is I give unto you.

6:32 am. I must dash. Until later. Or rather, you won’t see me here again until tomorrow.


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  1. Awesome. Jedi and Sith dissolved. Outmoded, outdated religions each.
    Say goodbye to Hollywood.
    Say goodbye my baby.
    Then it’s bridged into a medley Incorporating… I’m still standing… yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

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