PSA: The Mermaid and Arcane

PEW-PEW ∝‡≡≡››- – –

(Psychic Empathic Wisdom from Pictures & Energy & Words) Of course you want your tarot read by me. I’m shooting lasers. It’s ancient wisdom delivered in a futuristic (contemporary) way.

Card #10 Eclipse Mermaid:

A powerful energy shift!

Card #37 Candy Cane Angel:

It’s time for a treat!

For the NEWbies: I draw one card from the Shadows and Light oracle deck (by Lucy Cavendish) for my Public Service Announcement (PSA) card readings. I totally vibe with the whole “2 sides to every story” sort of thing; that there are glaring and subtle aspects and influences everywhere and thus it is imperative to know oneself, no matter the lumens on the situation.

And today, the day of the 1st of December, 2018? TWO CARDS. For realises. Because there are 2 sides to every story, 2 interpretations, 2 different direction, 2 ways of doing the exact same thing..!! (it is currently 8:39 am)
Immediate impressions: Gosh darn red is my favourite colour and it’s all over the place again. The Black Sun makes it’s appearance overhead and turns the sea an inky red and purple colour. The dark haired siren is making her scaly serpentine figure form known while looking at you with these “yeah, so? What are you gonna do about it, huh?” sort of eyes. This is coupled with the fair haired angel with filigree wings. Her green eyes look so sad as she clutches a candy cane in her hand. Her dress is red and purple which cements the colour theme here.

IT’S TETRAMORPHIN’ TIME! *ninja kick* Whoop!

Okay, so recently there has been a decided shift in the energy of the world. The dharmachakra makes a distinctive turn (90° to the left… screech!) and changes direction, which forces altered perspectives so once again you can see some new opportunities approaching. New interests are emerging, as well as old passions are seen in a new light. As crazy and chaotic as this time will be, so long as you are being true to YOURSELF, it’ll be fine. Think of it as the ocean or sea. You can either fight the waves and current, or you can float along with it. Do what FEELS RIGHT, not what is easiest (unless that’s what you love, stuff that’s boring and easy) or whatever will please your family for the sake of it. Because then you’ll just end up miserable, bitter and hopeless (suicidal) again.

Now here is another really difficult thing you’re going to need to do: treat yourself to something special that you want/like. DO IT. However intentions are incredibly important because they shape how that gift will be received or reacted to. So treat yourself to something nice because you are a nice person and if everything is falling to shit, you have to at least be nice to yourself if no one else is going to be. If you don’t treat yourself with respect, then how can anyone else treat you with respect? Invest in yourself and that should encourage others to invest in you too. That investment could be monetary, or luxury, or some self care, or just time. Give yourself plenty of time to do the thingys if you want. TREAT YO’ SELF! Because you should be allowed to have nice things, too.


Because you deserve that shit, yeah boi!

9:12 am and apparently there is.. shit going down. SO… I dunno? The above divination was merely a snippet of a larger reading. It was a reading I offered a friend who has been experiencing some issues. I looked at the cards and stated that I felt I should post about it on my blog. He assented so long as I removed personal identifying information. I was pretty satisfied leaving the spread with the two Shadow and Light oracle cards, but now? I dunno, but now feel that I should…

I’m copying and pasting the thingy I wrote but deleting all personal identifying details.


Gods and Titans, & Goddesses and Sirens, by Stacey Demarco.

Nuada (Perfection), Mithras (Sacrifice), Set (Chaos)

Morgan Le Fae (magic)

Now onto the actionable HOW TO THINK AND FEEL AND DO stuff.

  1. Let go of the idea of perfection. You’ll only fuck yourself up further and in your quest for perfection, you’ll lose more of what makes you yourself. Your imperfections are what make you fucking special and stuff. You already have what you need, you just lack resolve. You don’t believe in yourself enough because you rely on other people to make you feel better.
  2. What have YOU put on the line to succeed? What have you laid out on the sacrificial table? And not for others though. You have hated on yourself for long enough. You need to sacrifice shit FOR YOURSELF. Let go of other things and give yourself the steady focus and concentration and attention that you deserve. Shit, put in some money towards yourself. That can be a sacrifice, not giving it to the people who only use and/or abuse you. Stand your ground and fight for your soul.
  3. Be ready for some fucking shit to happen because of it. So whether or not you do anything about it, people are already doing stuff about it. Things are going to get really messy and they have to be in order to form back together into a new and working whole. And what do I mean by *it*? Everything and or anything you wrote about. You have to make sure you are completely honest and upfront with yourself about your own intentions (no matter how selfish or whatever it seems to be. Make your intentions clear.
    1. What is your long term goal? BEGIN WITH ONE GOAL. You need to crystallise this thread before you can start braiding more goals and intentions into it.
    2. Now, what can you do, or what will you need to do to get there? You’ve got your destination in sight, now you have to figure out how to get there. One step at a time is just fine.
    3. Give yourself something special, a treat, because fuck it, you may never get to do it again. Even if it is as simple as going somewhere very special to you. It doesn’t have to cost money. Just treat yourself to something special because you deserve it Think of it as a preward. Huzzah. LOL
    4. Actually take that first step, just go for it. Run, jump and… go.
  4. The last card is Me. Hah. I dunno. It’s the magic part. It’s the card of duality and secrecy and the hidden becoming revealed. It’s to show you that you have an ally, someone backing you, and wishing you the best, and from that togetherness and cooperative communication and collaboration, magic happens. It might not seem like much, but that is because it is only the beginning. An acorn grows into an oak tree, but not overnight. It takes time for these things to grow and take root, and if you spend your time just WATCHING AND WAITING HURRY UP AND HAPPEN ALREADY?! Well..? Grass grows pretty slowly if you’re just sitting there watching it grow and getting frustrated that it hasn’t grown much since you checked it yesterday. So yes, you have to work, but make sure your working is purposeful and not haphazard.

Slow and steady wins the race when TIMING doesn’t matter. If it’s a sprint, sure faster is better. But if you’re trying to make a life for yourself, you gotta do it right. Because if you build your empire out or sticks, straw, or a flimsy deck of cards, the slightest change of the wind and it all falls down again (like before). You’ve been given a second chance. Use it PROPERLY.

You’re already doing what you need to do. Keep doing it. If _____ is what you’re after, if that is the true goal, then your whole game plan needs to change. This isn’t the _____ making machine high way. This is the internet, and there is hardly any meaning to be made per click.

There’s this song I wanted to sing as a little.. something.. I don’t know… superficial sign of solidarity… something.. I dunno. It’s stupid and really doesn’t contribute anything to help anyone…. But I dunno… part of me says that it might mean something to someone if I just.. went ahead with it anyway. I think I’ll try to record it and put it up on sound cloud. I get super self conscious but I dunno. I try to be that “super cool confident” chick so other people feel fortified and have their strength and belief in me, and then maybe I can believe in me too.

Here are the lyrics and shit, just in case I chicken myself out and don’t record the thingy.


Feeling alone, seems like no one cares,

Going through so many things in life

You don’t know who to call or to lean on

Just believe that I am there to help

Just take my hand and I will walk with you

Ill wipe your tears and take away your pain

Trust in me, please don’t doubt, I’ll bring you comfort

Reach out to me because you’re my best friend

(Close your eyes and just talk to me and I guarantee you that I’ll always listen. Just call my name and I will be there. Just believe that I am here to help) <– recorded and then fuck it, cut it out because this laptop and no music makes me sound shit. BUT HERE IT FUCKING IS ANYWAY. The shit I do for you. lol

Okay, not to listen to real music not my shite. The Day We Lied by Onesidezero. I held you always, clipping your wings away…

5 thoughts on “PSA: The Mermaid and Arcane

  1. Tony Single says:

    Firstly, the song. The words absolutely apply. Your rendition… I love it. But I am biased. So there’s that, I guess!

    Secondly, your own words. These also apply. They have been written for your friend, but I feel them speaking to me too. When you’ve lived a life trying to make everyone else around you comfortable and happy, you tend to neglect yourself. It certainly isn’t wrong to be selfish because often you’re the only one who will take the time to care for yourself. Not many (if any) other people will do that for you.

    Perhaps we’re all good at taking without giving back, so it can be a good thing to take time out for ourselves. Massage ourselves back into a semblance of being human again.

    Plus… moist! < Random word of the day!

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  2. Coyote from Orion says:

    Some of the Cavendish cards and art is brilliant. Is or are??
    I never went for non tarot cards until I got more fluid and fluent with my spreads… which of course means getting better at asking questions.


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