Sticky notes remind me

Sticky notes – or “post its” – are useful as reminders. I’m sticking this up here to remind me about stuff. And you remind you (if you come across the “blog” webpage, not in your wordpress reader).

My abstract:

  • K is a real life person I am human – not an alien, an animal nor a robot.
  • Cis-female, mother of 2 (one girl, one boy), happily married (I am faithful to my husband), philosophical atheist.
  • University educated – bachelor of arts, master of teaching.
    • expertise in HUMANITIES.
    • lover of both arts and sciences, equally mediocre at both.
  • Interests include education, cognitive science, mysticism, and music.
  • Unimaginative yet somehow ‘creative’ – I’m good at fucking shit up and trying to put it back together in different ways.
  • Enthusiastic participant who wants to have (or at least TRY) it all. Ultimate beta tester and critic.
  • Mental.

Natal new age (self imposed) labels

  • Tarot – Queen of Cups, Fool, Hierophant, Wheel of Fortune, Hanged Man, Death, The Devil.
  • Astrology – Scorpio stellium sun, taurus ascendant moon, aquarius midheaven mars.
  • Numerology – Life path 5; birth name 8 (3 & 5);  current name 11 (6 & 5).
  • Psychological – Cyclothymic. sociopathic, emphatic, PSYCHOPOMP.

My circles in the real world, real life, undeniable rotations

  • Government identification: full name, birthday, address, employment, licences, accreditations, certifications, education, background history/check. Income, bank statements, utility bills, subscriptions, assets, liabilities. REFER TO REFERENCES AND REFEREES. (solicitors keep documents and receipts).
  • Vocational roles: the teacher. a talker, a demonstrator, a guide, a mentor, a counsellor, an entertainer, a messenger, a facilitator, a role model, a distraction, a parent, a disciplinarian, a keeper of keys, a mandatory reporter, an educator, an interpreter, a planner, a spin doctor, a bullshit artist, an explainer, a writer, a marker, a critic, a librarian, a consumer.
  • Familial roles: the mother, emotional, neck of the household, skin and spine that holds shit up and together, instrinsic influence upon family, has to carry on regardless of whatever the shit, submissive.
  • Social circle: a communicator, an extrovert in a sea of introverts, extra, loud, persistent, intense, unrelenting, flexible, social butterfly, sun goddess, lover & fighter, the mother. distant but not unreachable.
  • Solo: talks, sings, dances, cries, laughs, bounces, flops, throws, shakes, shimmies, screams, touches, fucks, kicks, shits, farts, applauds, fist bumps.

MODERNMYSTICMOTHER – the vehicle to contain all of me and my shit.

  • ME – A possible interpretation of my vehicular nomens:
    • modern (I turned 32 years old on 15 November, 2018)
    • mystic (a spiritual miscellany… a religious rebel)
    • mother (previous pregnancies, lover, fighter, mentor, healer, shit talker, )
    • mortal (I will die one day, with or without my consent)
    • muse (I am continuously doing stuff. This includes everything, all the time, nothing and never.)
  • MY SHIT – Everything I say and do, I do it for you.
    • I am nothing without my emotions, my experiences, my memories, my friends, my family…
    • I hate liars and deceivers. I do not aim to trick people, but I love playing tricks on people.
    • I consume shit tons of shit, consistently, continuously.
    • I write stuff, to help me remember shit. there is a shit ton of swirl in my head.
    • I am my own biggest fan and harshest critic.
    • I just want to tell people about stuff. All sorts of stuff. Because I have a shit ton of stuff to talk about.


  • This is my tribute to my gods. The people I love, the people who are fucking EVERYTHING to me. This website and all offshoots from it are not to glorify myself, but to venerate the real god damn fucking gods.
    • This is all true. This is my life story. My autobiographical memoirs.
  • I’m not creative, but I am imaginative. I don’t know how to make shit up out of nowhere, although my crazy high speed train of thoughts makes it look that way.
  • To prevent my own mental confusion, I will not schedule my posts ahead of time. I will tell you when I write stuff, and what’s going on when I write it.

Nothing will be scheduled. I’ll post it when I post it. I’ll get to it when I can.

1 post per day. That’s all I can commit to.

Even if I want to give you more, I won’t. This is how I exercise self restraint and self discipline. I must practice this before I can continue on.

1 January 2019, my new countdown. Launch for my patreon.

I live very much by my own creed that what you see is what you get. How you see me is what you get from me. How you treat me is how I treat you. Even though I’m very much an open book, there is so much shit you don’t know about me and what I do, or my processes or what not.

I am happy to share everything of me with other people. I just want credit for my shit. You don’t want to credit me and I FUCKING BELIEVE YOU ARE LYING TO ME? I will smite the shit out of you with my god damned magickal fucking witchy woo powers (figuratively. I don’t actually have powers, I also do not practice magic).

Without intending to sound psycho crazy, singing and dancing songs of doomsday armageddon… I often talk about how fortunate I am, I express tons of gratitude. I love whole heartedly and try my best to be the best that I can be… I am the person I wish I had when I was younger… I am incredibly flawed and shit… I say I am alone, I am lonely and whatever blah blah. But you want to know a secret?

I’m not really alone. I only feel alone, and thereby it manifests itself as melancholy in my perceivable disposition.

I’m not alone. I am loved. By GODS. 3 gods fucking love me. Hard core hands down legit shit. I am loved by 3 gods. They know me, just as I know them, they have seen me and all my fucking messed up fucking shit in my mind, heart, and soul. And they still love me. Like… really. They really do. And I feel it (I at least feel it right this second right now anyway).

And I don’t know if you remember, but I have said that I always get what I want in the end… SO… LOL. You will all get what is coming for you. You will all get what you deserve. Whether by my hand, or the hand of my gods. I just have to say the word, a word, any word, and my will be done.


Today is Tuesday 27, November 2018. I started writing this thingy maybe an hour ago. I continued to write and have just been…. writing a whole heap of shit. But I am cutting it short here because it’s a bit OVER KILL. TOO MUCH. UUUGGGHHH.

8:46pm and I received a text message on my phone to call me in to work tomorrow. So, I need to get shit done and whatever around the house and what not. Because I won’t be free to do whatever tomorrow. Gots to manage my time!

Into a word document I’ve shoved the extra shit that would have followed the image. *shrugs* whatever. More for another day. Something for you to look forward to.

Think of this blog post as a present for you. You got to have 2 posts from me today. LOL. So just a reminder to help refresh your memory (crystallise that neural pathway)

  • I always respond, even if I don’t always reach out.
  • If I have not responded, it could be because
    • I haven’t seen it and thus don’t know about it.
    • I have seen it and too busy to respond as normal
    • I don’t care.
  • If you are someone I fucking LOVE, you will always hear from me. But I am also rather “in demand”. I will never abandon you. I am but one of a trinity… and this last dot point is for you…know you are.

9:05pm and I’m out. XOXOX

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        • Oh my oh my. I don’t know what the orca you’re talking about, but I can Google Rowland S Howard, that’s a people person name.
          I followed your thingy because it looks interesting 🙂 I can’t wait to have the actually proper time to peruse your posts and ruminate upon your writing.
          But again. Holy effing sqwark, thank you for the comment and compliment! (I’m making assumptions here. I read intentions first before I begin dissection.)


    • *shrugs* I still don’t know the people. Hahaha. I’m so fucking sheltered. You know I didn’t know the Lord of the rings was a book until after the movie came out?! HAHAHA.
      But I dig it! I love to learn! I’ll make sure to write these names down so I can reference them later on. 🙂 I can’t attribute my influences but I can put these names in some sort of end notes.
      Truly honoured and grateful. I’m stupid smiling and feel stupid for smiling. Hahahaha. *blows a kiss* thank you, stranger.

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  1. Kall, perhaps you’re in the early stages of sobriety and want to avoid any sparring in comment sections. That I can understand. Then again, from what I’ve seen on this blog you’re on some nihilistic bender and everything is language games to you. My remarks were a little flippant but not ironical or name dropping for any scene cred.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oooh, early stages of sobriety? I wanna know I wanna know!!! What ever do you mean by that? I promise, scouts honour, to not be offended by the truth. I love the truth. I lololololooooove it. HAH.
      Ok, I am capable of being entirely serious. I just think it’s fun to be foolish. I looked up the people you mentioned and they sound soooo cool. Truly. I don’t know much about them though. Would you mind sharing your thoughts about them with me?


  2. Haha, you just blew advice I read on “another” blog that said to be consistent and write about two to three posts a day. I was all WTF?! And then read this and said out loud FUCK IT, Imma do what I do and try to do it well. Love your post with all its unabashed truth and attitude. 😎

    Liked by 1 person

    • omg thank you 🙂
      sometimes inspiration is like “I have to do the things now!!!” and I can write like 10000 words. but then I don’t remember what I write. and I can’t do one thing to the exclusion of all else. I’m just frustrated that the way I feel right now???? It’s that I must do everything by myself, in the physical and metaphysical worlds, on line and off line.
      I get a whole bunch of crap about doing bare minimum and it’s not good enough… and I want to fucking yell at them because I DO BARE MINIMUM BECAUSE I HAVE TO DO THIS SAME SHIT FOR EVERYONE ELSE TOO. It is the separation of types of work, types of labour.
      And Cris Mihai? He can use this bit of advice if he reads my comments. There are different types of work we do. There is work and there is play, there is leisure and there is pleasure. There are things we do because we want to, or we need to, or we have to.
      I make up my shit as I go, write as I feel moved to. And that is usually in comments in response to people. Because I AM the corresponding correspondent. *mic drop*
      Thank you Harley Quinn. I used to be a hunter, I wanted to be just like them. And.. I know I’m not like them at all. I’m the fucking hunted, I am the prey upon which they seek to take down.
      But this blog is my big fuck you to all the fucking predators out there. THIS IS WHERE YOU KNEEL DOWN AND PRAY TO ME, BITCH.
      I AM MOTHER MAYHEM, THE WIFE OF THE MAN WHO ONCE WAS. I used to be known as Lady of Luck in those days watching the Sons of Anarchy.
      He doesn’t understand…

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  3. OMG, how did you know who or what blog I was talking about? That is down right sinister if you ask me. In any case, I wholeheartedly agree with you. Especially your comment about “this blog is my big fuck you to all the fucking predators out there” because I mean hello, we can blog about what want to talk about. Not conform to “blog etiquette” because there is too much political correctness and sometimes the world just needs to hear the fucking truth, even if they don’t like it! Thanks Kalliope!


    • Oh really? That sure is interesting. I didn’t know that is what sent you here. I just know what I know from experience. From reading his blog, noting the change of style and whatnot whatever. I dunno. It’s basically just bullshit. It’s propaganda to get people to pay for stuff that they don’t have to pay for. I sent him emails and wrote comments and stuff not at all asking for free stuff. I just… I have conversations with people and they are often one sided. Because i am a prolific fucking talker. I blah all the blah blahs. I know myself, I know my capabilities, my… whatever. I know shit. Andwhen i first came on wordpress on august 12, he was like my 5th follower so of course i was curious. so i scouted him out, i wasn’t interested in the art of blogging so i didn’t follow. until later and i realised he had… changed stuff. and i saw my words and ideas and shit… changed and twisted and repeated back at me. I’m like WTF?! Haha okay, let’s play! and then… he’s link other people back to me and I’m like “no? I didnt know about that. i was literally making it up, not imaginary whatever. it was like,.. i thought i was being original.or finding my niche. whatever. i dunno. it was an idea i came up i… i decided it’s war. LOL
      it’s all just a game. i am declaring that publicly. right here right now. I’m doing whatever the fuck I do, in the whatever fucking way I do it. I’m just doing my thing, WHATEVER THE FUCK IT IS, WHENEVER I HAVE THE TIME. I am taking back the shit that is rightfully mine.
      I privatised some blogs, and have got various fingers in various pots. I dunno. I don’t really pay that much attention to stuff on mmmother anymore. I don’t have the time literally. LOL
      I have enough time to come back to mmmother because this is my beginning and end always. Here I get to be the focus of the stage, and just do whatever the fuck I feel like doing on my self made platform of whatever.
      cris mihai isn’t the enemy. I just don’t give a shit about reading whatever he produces right now. i am in production mode. i’m my own muse and i am literally doing whatever, whenever i say it at the time.
      sorry this is a long one, huntress. but hey, it’s just perfect fucking timing. it’s 5:43am and this is the beginning of a brand new morning. you know what. I’m going to stop replying to you here and fucking i dunno. write my 1 thing a fucking day thing on mmmother. lol
      cheers, babe. Thank you huntress.

      Liked by 1 person

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