One of a trinity

I need music

I need melody

I can move my body

I can be free, be me

Get inside me, in my body

It helps me feel alive

I want you to fill me in my body

Plug all 27 sphincters inside

So many holes, so little time

If I can smoothie blend you

Will that help you to sublime

There is a rumble from within

Like a rolling thunder

It rocks and rolls and tumbles

Unto my lap then it crumbles

Calling out my name

Calling to be saved

Who’s your daddy now?

Nobody is coming

Who’s your daddy now?

Well mama’s here, so fuck him.

Drop drop drop and tense

Relax breathe release

Evacuate more demons

And hell opened up

The pit was awakened

A gaping yawn escaped past the sentinel legion

Come back, call out cooee

Cupping to bees of the queen

I’m your daddy now, dear

You can come to me

Call me mama or your daddy

You now come for me

Stretch pause strain and tense

Wait frustrate relate

Exorcise more demons

I will not soil my soul

Although I sully your name

I cleanse myself

Replace the white bandages until they’re clean again

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