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I will keep this brief as time appears to be stealing away from me. I say brief now, but it is likely that I will waffle on my fluffy words like a marshmallow spread thin in the sky. This post will be a legend, of sorts. Not legendary mind you, because I know legends are tales from long ago that distort and twist, taking the forms and shapes of the bards and narrators that speak and repeat them.

This is much more mundane, as I am. Boringly rooted in the finite, fixed and immediate modern present. This is a legend like on a map. Or a key for a codex. But there are no codes, no ciphers, no locks to untumble and open.


Ugh, I do my own head in. I’m an imploding sun, the nuclear fusion exploding and binding together. Creating, shaping, colliding, sliding, dodging and diving; my ego in my bio chemical brain.

smiley face :o)  <– my version of me as an emoticon with a bit like a clown nose, because my nose has been described like a ball on the end of a slope LOL (Maitkin, year 5, 1997)


…and lists, I like lists. They help me. To exist.


  • MODERN MYSTIC MOTHER (that’s right here) The beginning and end of all my whatever endeavours.
    • The following categories are
    • ‘divination’ – tarot, astrology, magic and whatever such related woo-woo stuff. I love the mystical stuff, and giving forth my attempt to demystify the supposedly mysterious.
    • ‘mmmk’ – bloggy, branding, blah blahs about the mechanics and stuff related to this here mothership. Information to help navigate and understand my vessel, this thingy.
    • ‘the real deal’ – my confessions of my boring, mundane material reality.
  • CULT OF KIMmy little project thingy as the beginning of my new religion. Now my spiritual belief and practice has some sort of a name, rather than just “Miscellany”
    • My personal essays and crap related to religion and spirituality and the promotion of love and freedom.
    • The kind of stuff I want to put in my own bible. lol.
  • THEMETANKARD – a private wordpress account where I air out stuff in my head, ask questions and share stuff to remind me about it later.
    • It was open to expressions of interest and the invitations were sent out. It is now closed to the general public. There are like 9 people who can see it. haha. Some also never accepted the invitation, but I’d be happy to resend it to them if they asked. Like I said before, I have identified who my friends are and will consider that  matter done.
    • For now. LOL Who know what the future holds?



  • Instagram
    • mmmkalliope – mmmother’s promo shit and what not. Linked to this blog. Uses hashtags and tries to produce a decent cultured image for the public. mostly pretty words or pretty aesthetic. A clean, radio version in comparison to the insta-cult.
    • mmmkalliopsees – a thingy for the kimions in my cult of kim. Totally doesn’t give a fuck and swears and crosses lines and boundaries. real time, whatever I feel like. mostly real life real world stuff.
  • Patreon
    • Podcast? Vodcast? Why not both?
    • Teaching and learning resources?
    • Creative writing? Activities or anthologies?
    • Tarot meaning cheat sheet (as suggested by Tarotmum13!)
    • Essentially to fund my continued presence and efforts in creating shit here online, mostly to do with my cult of Kim
      • Tell you my whole damned life story. Because I am capable of talking circles around spirals around cylindrical spires.
      • I am interested in basically making my own school or church of thought dedicated to self deification, via my lane way.
    • I plan on relaunching this shitter on January 1. Hopefully I will have created some content that makes people go “yeah, why not” and click me their cash! Haha. All good in the hood.
    • Maybe thinking of some merch? Or something to brand yourself with my mark of my beast. MWAHAHA!
      • A colleague suggested a give out sticks. Might be a possibility.. hmm…
      • or a shitty rubber wristband, or stickers, or… magical underwear like the Mormons!!!
  • Pinterest – I find a bunch of shit on here. Pretty pictures and graphics.
  • Soundcloud
    • If I ever made a podcast or some songs, it’d be here. Maybe. I dunno.
    • I guess it’d be cool to collaborate and do some covers or whatever songs from my playlists. Turn them into parodies, smoosh genres or keep them real.
  • Spotify
    • I like to make playlists, like soundtracks for people and events in my life.
    • I am a dork who even puts my own little covers for them. Hah.
  • Twitter
    • so know idea how to use it. just… posting songs that are dedicated to people, because of something they have said that reminds me of a song, or when I hear a song and it reminds me of the person! I’ve got the widget in my sidebar. But generally I am baby brand spanking new to twitter. *shudder* I feel so damned dirty about it. But I do see the role it plays.