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You’re a work of art — Cristian Mihai

You. Yes, you. You are a work of art. You are beautiful. You are the only part of this Universe capable of understanding itself. You are the only part of this Universe that is capable of creating beauty by sheer power of will.

via You’re a work of art — Cristian Mihai

And Cris has finally recognised me. So of course I was going to share this. And isn’t it funny when the universe just fits into your plan? And it fits so well you had no idea it was going to fit so well?

I’ve been scheduling out posts for 4 a day. Saturday? Yesterday? I posted stuff and I didn’t mean to, I meant to post them later.. but I must have been soo tired I didn’t even realise until after wards. And guess which day was next available to share a fellow artists’s work? Wellll….. (it’s not time travel for you, but it is for me. I’m writing this almost a week before it’s being posted here)

November 10th. That’s the next available date (to keep with my specific 4 posts and what types of posts). And November 10 is my husband’s birthday. My husband who just fucking has to be right, it has to be done his mother fucking way… and bitches and complains that I just won’t listen, I always have to be selfish and lazy and won’t listen to reason… LOL. I’ve been listening the whole time, you guys don’t see that you way doesn’t work for me. But I try to do it your way, and it just doesn’t fucking work for me anyway… And I’m sick of fucking being… misunderstood. Especially by those that I love.. the ones that are supposed to know me better than anyone else in the fucking world… I thought you knew me better than that.  (clearly, parts of this blog aren’t even about Cris anymore… but some parts still are.. lol)

Cris, you excited me. You made me feel worthy of being on the blog sphere because you made me feel like my blog was worth reading. You’re also pretty attractive before your “hard AF scowl” but we both know that’s just an act. That face? You’re putting it on tough, looking rough, but it’s just a facade to detract away from the scarring within.

That scarring? That’s what is beautiful to me. I dunno.. I like fucked up things… I know it really freaks J out that I was obsessed with deformities and fucked up ody stuff… like the calcification of muscle into bone… OMG that would fucking suck.. I think a whole bunch of it is disgusting and terrifying… but they’re people, not monsters. And yeah, their gawkishness is off putting, but it’s interesting. And I’m not afraid to get up and close and personal and find the person underneath.

My Venus and Mars? That’s why I love you both. That’s why I love the both of you. I’m Mercury. Do you remember me? Do you remember why we’re here? Even though you guys didn’t think I’d make it because I’m just some small nerdy dickhead… I made it…

Now that you see me… and each other… is this the part where I go off on my own again until “mum and dad” fix shit? Because that’s fucked.. You’re both clearly delusional to think you’re at all capable of doing anything without me. But.. I do like lazing around, Jupiter and Saturn are my fucking fuck bear sugar daddies.  I have plenty of fun things I could be doing.. and… you know.. the closer this end date comes… 18 November, not the end days, omg, get over yourselves.. the more tempted I am to leave all this shit behind and go back to the real world and have a fucking awesome life….

I’m still … changing my mind about stuff. All because we’re good not, doesn’t mean we’ll always be good. Because remember that “right now” for me writing this, is not the same time as “right now” for you reading this.

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