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    • Btw. I don’t know her or anything really. But.. to me? What I think of her? I call her a prophet. She is just… fucking… magical. She is divine. She is god. Because of her name whippoorwill. I don’t know if you know what that represents. I only know what it means to me. And whippoorwills are birds. Literal birds. And they are associated with the angel of death. The mundane material bird has symbolic significance. And… it makes my heart race.. she makes my heart race… like… I’m in love with her. I fucking am. At least with this idea of her that I have in my head. Lol

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      • Tell me what you know about her? I’m rather new to WordPress lol. I love to hear about people and their stories and the impact that have upon the people who read them!!! And if you “know nothing” I don’t care, I don’t know either! I only know what impact she has on me. And.. I shared her impact on me, please share with me her impact on you.?

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      • You really think so? I’m so flattered! I’m like… her biggest fan. Haha. I don’t know. It’s so.. weird! But cool. Like… I don’t know what’s real and what’s not when I read her stuff. I don’t know the correlation or causation or if there is even one at all?! I’ve made mistakes like that online before… I just like to riff.. I was never much of a musician but… you know.. when you just get together and jam? And… fuck it a song just pops out? Lol. I used to do that a lot growing up. I was a lousy writer but I could write lyrics to music other people wrote. I’d sing and they’d play and.. we’d work out something .. I dunno. I’m pretty shitty on my own. No musical writing squat ability. But I know words and stories and how to write shit. Lol…
        So I dunno. … I don’t know if she and I are actually riffing or… not? Lol. I just write shit. And *boom thunder and lightening* and I’m like… wtf?! Was that me? And then look at everyone else’s blogs and be like “holy shit. That wasn’t me. Couldn’t have been.” And I dunno. I wish there was something I could point to and say “yeah, that’s it. That’s the thing” because I honestly have no fucking idea.
        She’s absolutely magical. And… I wish I knew her in real life. But hopes and wishes ain’t shit.

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