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Pretty is pretension? Deep Dictionary Disambiguation — WrittenCasey

Pretty is a prevarication aimed to increase one’s prestige? A pretty face is a pretentious face? Pretty is pretension? Beauty is. PRETTY (Source:OED Concise dic.) 1. attractive in a delicate way without being truly beautiful. 2. used ironically to express displeasure. – fairly – trinket – (used condescendingly) an attractive person. *so, pretty is not […]

via Pretty is pretension? Deep Dictionary Disambiguation — WrittenCasey

I saw this post yesterday (3rd November) and saved it as a reference point so that way I could remember to do something with it later.

But I’m not a hoarder of knowledge. I just know how to read it, and disseminate and spread it all around. I know how to link and network and I’m just a human person, not a google or machine or whatever auto bot that does all that linking and networking stuff. I’m against ads. Against mindless ad filler. I am happy to advertise shit I really actually genuinely care about and enjoy, because I detest hypocrites. If I’m out to make a buck, I say it outright for what it is:


See? Honest truth. No bullshit. I really don’t know what I want to do. And it changes frequently… like my emotions and the whims of the wind. I just do whatever I feel like, for as long as I feel like it.

That’s how I’ve always lived my life. And in the classroom, I just have to teach a thing for 75 minutes. So I have a bunch of resources and knowledge and just wing it depending on the willingness of the student, and how I feel, and a bunch of other stuff… Here’s the topic, here’s the lesson plan, hopefully it works out. If it doesn’t..? As long as they learn something. That just what I do. It’s my life. My honest everything how I do everything and always have done it that way.

I want to study the words. And WrittenCasey does that shit. So she’s a reference list. If I ever wrote a thing, she’d be in my bibliography.

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