Planned posts

People don’t like doing stuff, and neither do I

Promote self as the muse. I am me. A wealth of wisdom from my own life experiences.

I inspire others and work best in a collaborative effort. Because I see shit differently, or rather I can see shit differently. However. Any way. I can spin shit.

But I don’t want to misrepresent myself. Although i will misrepresent others. Because satire and parody is fun. And pantomime is theatre is life. And lessons are learned in a variety of ways. It’s easier to absorb when it’s performed on a stage and seen as a separate aspect of yourself, reflective of yourself, but not yourself.

So.. i am the mortal muse.

I want to kill god. That’s my goal. But I can help others with theirs. And I would like credit if I helped. Or if not, hopefully I never find out I was used unfaithfully.

DM, dude I love our ideas. I want to do the thing!

Yeah? You’re good with me with this right?

There are so many things I want to do. And they’re all so…. different… But they’re all me. And I will continue to write about whatever I feel like writing about at the time. Every time. Lol.

And this time? I guess I need to talk about me. Who I am. In the here and now. Before I continue to be antichrist or whore of babylon. Or mystic fountain of youth or mythic fruit of the tree.

Maybe I have to stop using metaphors and explicitly share the stories of “me just being me”..?

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