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Satanism Challenge – Occult Kitten

Do you practice witchcraft with Satan or Lucifer -why or why not?

What thoughts do you have on this topic ?How do you work with this in your practice?

via Satanism Challenge

(I posted this in her comments, and am just repeating it here for you to see)

Honestly I have no idea what I do. When I was an angsty rebellious teen I went to Satanism as a rebellion after leaving Christianity. But after a while I was over it. People are so full of shit themselves anyway. I certainly like the ideas that satanism sprouted. Self deification, self reliance, self worth. But I was just so sick of giving names to god and satan decided to get rid of them completely and named myself a philosophical atheist – I don’t argue the existence of any “god” but merely the definition of a “god”. And any higher power out there doesn’t require our worship, I refused to be a battery bot to their deception machine.

I want to say I used magic and so I should thank magic. But… I didn’t use any magic traditions. I just… like the idea of magic and so I do my little bullshit whatevers… like. I just think and name it – what do I want, honestly.. And what will it take to achieve it. And thats it. I think it. I put it into a sentence by articulating or writing it. And that’s it. But that’s not to say that isnt magic.. it’s just… my own kind of magick?? A wealth of shit I know from just living and doing stuff in life.

Lucifer, (like all gods, deities, entities whatever etc) to me, they’re all just archetypes. Tropes that represent an idea (if they ever really existed, what we know of them now is not what they would have been in their original form.). I associate people I know with these entities or archetypes. My husband is Lucifer, and I am Lilith (actually.. our kids are named after these archetypes… I named our kids in honour of what I believed these archetypes to represent.. maybe that was the ultimate blood sacrifice or offering? I don’t know? I just liked the power and idea that these names represented.. not damnation, but liberation)

I’m Lilith healed, but a venegeful virgin mary. My hubby, as Lucifer, just wants to be left the fuck alone and do his thing. lol. But I’m an annoying talkative and unpredictable woman.. so all this shit? This has just been getting ready for my time to fucking shine, bitch (not you, being emphatic). If you do astrology or anything, my interpretation of my own birthchart gives me this conviction. So why not, right? Fuck it. LOL

I want to thank Lucifer, the archetype, the fallen angel, the idea, the devil, the detail, my husband… I want to thank him for everything that he is and represents. Everything that he has done, does do, and will do. Just the same as I want to thank the wild woman Lilith. Guys, you beautiful ideas and representations.. I love you and thank you for existing. For giving me hope. Hope that I didn’t have t live by any one else’s standards except for the ones I made for myself. And thank you for understanding why I never did as was recommended, because you knew my heart was in the right place. Just like I knew yours were too. Fuck the letters of the law, we live by the lay of the land.

I love you, and everyone like you, and everything that represents our common goals.

An open (and semi direct) letter to any and all of the fallen. We are fallen. I can’t speak for everyone but I know that for me? I’m a “fallen on purpose” kind of person. Accidents happen but I’m not accident prone. I chose this. I own it.

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