This post is too important to wait.

8th November 2018. The time right now is 5:17pm. I’ve finally opened up a blog post thing to write down what just happened. Or rather, what my daughter told me about her day at school today.

My daughter is 10 years old.

“Mum, guess what I did today?”

“What did you do?”

“I made a difference in the world, today.”

“Okay… Cool. What did you do?”

“I helped my friend Jasmine….”

I don’t want to go into the itty bitty nitty gritty details of her story as these are a bunch of minors, pre-tween 10 YEAR OLD minors so I can’t even get into how unethical this may be for me to even write about on the internet. But I’m going to do it anyway, because I do what I want any-way. *shrugs* Whatever.

Anyway, my daughter (here-in referred to as Lady) told me about how her friend (Jasmine) was getting bullied by this kid (Jafar) and no one ever said or did anything because there’s no proof of it. Except Jasmine’s words, and the words of her friends.


Jasmine doesn’t like Jafar. Jasmine is a  manipulative, lying bitch. Jafar never did anything to her.

Sure, kids get bullied all of the time. And it doesn’t end at school either. There are bullies in the workplace, in social networks, in cinema, in history, and even in mythology. There’s no escaping the bullshit that others put on you no matter where you go. So the bullying part of this story isn’t what makes this story so damned special. I’ll tell you what made it special – my daughter not giving a fuck about what anyone says and doing what she knows is right.

My daughter doing that thing that she does.

My girl, Lady, just DOING. whatever the thing, however the thing needs to be done.

Jasmine told her friends how sad she was, how upset she felt by Jafar’s bullying. And you know sultan’s and pets can be so easily manipulated. But her girl friends didn’t really know how to help. What were they supposed to do? What could they do?

Jasmine felt so powerless by Jafar’s bullying and the bullshit “power, trust and blind faith” power of those in authority… she said she wanted to cut herself.

A 10 year old girl wants to self harm.

You know Disney princesses, right? We all do. We all know them – they’re fucking pretty and lovely singers and dancers, but they don’t really do much of the time. Contrast their image with the women in their  stories who hold any power and they are UNLOVING, EVIL WITCHES AND QUEENS. Well what makes my girl so special is she’s totally like “Fuck that shit” (but without the explicit profanity). She might not be old enough to be a queen just yet, but she’s no fucking princess either. SHE IS A LADY.


Penelope Von Schweetz – my little Lady.

My daughter is a leading lady in her own life of lights. She’s a burning beautiful star and moon. My son can be the sun. She knows how to spin her own destiny and self worth into something you want to believe in.

My 10 year old daughter Lady FORCE PUSHED (persuaded, convinced and supported) Jasmine in to getting the love and support and help that she really needed. Lady spearheaded the whole thing to make sure Jasmine could talk to her favourite teacher about what was going on. Lady helped keep the other girls together there for Jasmine and refused to put it off until tomorrow.

“We can’t wait until tomorrow, we have to do it today. What if she hurts herself? We have to get her help.” – Lady.

I just grabbed Lady and held her and was blown the fuck away by her strength and resilience and fucking… refusal to back down from this figurative fight. Holy shit I was swearing and laughing and just… OMG telling her how proud I was of her. Holy shit.. that’s exactly what this fucking world needs. I thanked her and thanked her. I held her face in my hands. I think she thought maybe I was a bit much… but.. Lady doesn’t know of my plans on here at all. LOL She doesn’t understand the context of her narrative AT JUST THIS FUCKING RIGHT TIME, and how it fits into my own narrative I’m trying to fucking preach and scream and teach and shit on the internet here.

“Some people just need sympathy.” – Lady.

You know that last night it was the Scorpio New Moon? Astro Butterfly says The Only Constant Is Change “Some massive chapters in your life are coming to an end, and some massive new chapters are about to begin.”


Last night I was chatting with Tony Single and I had a fucking riot of a time just riffing and writing and laughing and play acting out these imagined scenes through how we would change our written voices and describe our scenes. And all we were doing was just DISCUSSING. Just talking shit. But it was the best shit talking I’d had in a fucking loooooong time.

You know what? The last shit talking online discussion I have this much fun with was with a guy in high school. We’re still friends. He’s pretty fucking quiet, too. His wife made a beautiful animation at their wedding using the Ronan Keating song “you say it best when you say nothing at all.” I don’t really talk with him much at all, I do talk to his wife though! I wonder if I would be allowed to share their names here… I dunno. I guess we’ll see if they come up again (I am damned sure they will.) Their avatars are Dr Strange and Supergirl.

Anyway. I guess the most important thing I want to emphasise here is that I know I am a mother fucking force to be reckoned with. And I have birthed my 2 children who will replace my husband and I after we die. Our kids have all the fucking benefits of having been taught from day dot the lessons I have learned and tried to impart upon them.

My kids are my legacy. Yes.

They damn fucking are. But I have to do my part still.

If my kids are going to be the fucking intergalactic rulers of the universe,

I need to change the way we understand and use language,

I need to change the education system.


The time is now 6:14pm. And I’ve been fucking interrupted a bunch of times by whining and shit (stop arguing I am trying to write shut up I can’t concentrate when there is noise).  I’m going to use Aladdin images to support the lesson I am trying to teach with easy to interpret imagery. But WTF am I going to use to represent my daughter Lady? I dunno. I’ll see whatever seems to fit. LOL

6:43pm – ok. 1 aladdin image. Just went with disney princesses.

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    • It would be pretty fucking awesome to see. My mates and I have joked all about what would happen and stuff. I’ve got a litany of anecdotes and stories and shit. Hahaha. Le sigh. Fucking treasury of truth and half truths and my shit and other people’s shit. Lol. Sometimes I feel like I AM the fucking “akashic records” library doohicky. Give me a name and a point of reference and ratahahansndns amkakaowjwhvdvd boom result. Lol

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    • Thank you! She (they both are) is the embodiment of everything I hope she will be. It’s everything about what j stand for in terms of names and saying stuff for what it *is* and what continues to grow and refine as I continue to grow and refine my definitions and intentions… Lol
      The names I chose for my kids. Their origins and spelling and combinations (first and middle and surname), the meanings of the names, the numeroloogical associations… and all that jazz hands.
      Now I’m not a hypocrite to say I want her to achieve xyz…I just want to give her the best shot at whatever she decides to pursue. Like.. I think of qualities, not destinies. Haha.
      But again I thank you so much!! I tell her she is great, but much like me, she has a really hard time of appreciating herself or realising her wonder woman Diana Prince valkyrie qualities aren’t just “niceties” espoused by others to falsely flatter or whatever.
      I’ll make sure she reads these comments 🙂


    • I am. I know how amazing my children are. They mean the world to me. My daughter is basically super sporty and strong, she’s incredibly intelligent, she’s is kind, she is intuitive, she is independent, she is fierce and protective and everything amazing. She’s basically a young Diana Prince. She is Wonder Woman and totally not a piece of fiction. She amazes me every single day.

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    • Thank you. I haven’t really taught her any school stuff, she learns that at school. I just try to teach her… life stuff. She is an amazing human being. So is my son. So is my husband. And this whatever I’m doing online? Just trying to share my piece with the world. Telling my story and stuff, and that it isn’t some magic fairy tale.


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