God killing

Cult of Kim is like a CoK – fleshy, direct, and in your face.

(started 31 October 2018, elaborated 5 November, published as is 8th November, spelling mistakes and all.)

Omg… I think I’ve got it… cult of personality. Look it up on your wikipedia or Google.

It’s a legit thing. And it’s perfect. A totally scientific vehicle for my mode of self expression… religion and spirituality mooshed together because I just smoosh stuff… lol

And… Omg. We can totally do it like… I mean. It aligns with my own personal philosophy and ideology….

We’re not just our personalities, or our brains hearts souls or bodies… we’re all of them. But there’s the version we see of ourselves. And what others perceive.. And there are different versions of ourselves that exist anywhere because of memories…

Ok. I’m the antichrist, killer of cliches, whore of babylon (Because she loves and likes to share), and now I’m a cult ring leader! K’s cult of kulture or cult of Kim. Because I like letters and onomastics. Lol



But that sounds drunk.

Kim. Just like Kim Kardashian, how she totally rebranded herself from her sex tape exposure, into the business woman she is today. Famous for being famous.


Don’t hold them, they behold you! No your limits – Know yourself – because.

I have been talking to people about my cult as I’m my own evangelist. And I’ve got my kidlets all fucking keen on this shit, helping me come up with plans and execution (Judd came up with the name for my followers. Samoi is worried about me, caring but worried I’m a bit on the cray cray. Blohan is very excited about executing shit. Millsy is wanking over the prospect of dissecting and decoupaging political memes. Mast is just happy I’m back at school for the coming 3 weeks. He’s the sweetest.)


They’re fucking rad AF. They’re essentially down for helping build my cult of personality from the ground up. Like.. I dunno?

B: “What should we do? What is it? How do we sign up?”

K: “Uhh… I dunno man. I just talk shit to make myself happy, you don’t get anything though. You can just say it’s your religion. Fuck people off, they don’t know you, and they’ll get hurt no matter what anyway. Just know it for what it is, and don’t be a dick to others.”

B: “Yeah. I reckon this is something we can get behind.”

K: “I made an acronym using my last name. The E stands for execute.”

B: “Oh shit yeah, You got me there. As long as I get to kill shit.”

K: “Kill all the cliches you want. We’re razing figurative hell. It all about the mind fuck. It’s pleasure and pain and light a nice little *does a wanking gesture* and there ya go!”

So for all my kimion fantasty fantastic “get the fuck over yourself and get on with it” brand of spirituality…. I guess that is where the mysticism magic will be ready when the research in your grubby mitts. lol

Part research centre (for my own bullshit interests), a teaching resources, what I feel like doing at the time. lo), guide log or something , I dunno.

Modernmysticmother.com = the start and an and point. Venus is pointing to direct towatds and we better make sure our thingsy are ready.

I know there is a typo but I dndn’t mix it. I havent even figured it’s going to be a feauitul preture of which he was qyucly ,,,, it’s interesying to see what comes up with the most familiar kids your youl lol I’m too tired to give a af about edited right now. Let’s see if I actually allow myself to rest and sleep…

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  1. I notice that one of your Categories is ‘God killing’. Now, that sounds like an excellent idea! Then we can step in to the power vacuum that remains and decide our own fates for once. (Now, if I only knew what it is that I wanted. I’ll have to have a think about that. I’m indecisive, me.) 😛

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