Planned posts

Written in my tank, 5th November.

This is behind the curtain. So the fact you have access to it is special in of itself, regardless of you read it.

  1. So.. market self as muse.
  2. Me talking about me. Why I am awesome. Why everyone should be more like me. “About me”… me talking about me. And me proving why everyone is talking about me. And why you should talk about me, too.
  3. Personal pet project/goal – kill god. Make new religion. Write own spiritual and holy scriptures. Cult of kim.
  4. Services for others – collaborative exchange. Chat. Talk. Consult. Counsel. Advise. Divination (that’s what I love to do). Teach. Tutor. Sing. Act. Play. Model. I don’t care.. I like to do stuff.
  5. Portfolio? Just… examples of the various stuff I’ve done. Written. Provided. Helped with… been directly involved in. A list of my best solo shit (or something.. Lol), and a list of the stuff I’ve worked on with others. Creative fiction, non fiction, poetry, philosophy, teaching resources, curated research, music, images, etc.
  6. The blog – the fucked up inconsistent shimmering shiny hot wet mess that i am. Seriously… it’s hard to construct an image of myself that is not constrictive.
  7. The personal ideal future goal project – the story of my life but as an actual book, because of the people that have influenced me, and have made me the me I am today. So my family and friends, my experiences. Give glory to those who helped me overcome my own mountain.
  8. Maybe a subscription or mentoring service? Or a course book or unit? How to be me, but not me, how to be you? Lol
  9. Omg I’d totally need to made a fucking guide just how to navigate my website.. And figure out who I’m talking about when I refer to whomever. Like a character play bill.
  10. Essentially it’s my own cognitive science, modeled off of the cognitive science thingy I read on Wikipedia a while ago. My own personal philosophy (ideas), psychology ,(temperament). Linguistics (language), anthropology (origins), neuroscience (adaptability) and artificial intelligence (creativity).
  11. I make up my own science to bridge the divide in my own conscience. Mad scientist, metaphorical Alchemist, bullshit spin doctor, but honest and loving wife and mother who doesn’t want to be that “crazy lady” or “whore” or “virginal ideal”.
  12. Ok.. so… fucking shit up and hoping for world shattering fallout. Liberate people’s minds from their own entangled entrapments. Harmonise the science and humanities, demystify the mysterious. Explore mysticism to express it’s value and debunk it’s bullshit. Because art and artist are intrinsically linked. And appreciating art is not “useless” it is necessary. And not being an artist doesn’t make one less valuable. I’m not an artist. Nor am I really a scientist either. I’m just a teacher. I high school English teacher who hates teaching the English curriculum because it’s bullshit.

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