Mundane trite

The necessity of Nihilism

Go back to sleep, young seeker. Rid yourself of the worries of the world. Power within is self destructive when directed within. The world is not ready to use that power or have it used against them. You are not responsible for the world.

Forget the gods. Forget yourself. Forgot any power you may have imagined you had. The collective hold the power as they hold the majority of numbers.

Do not mourn, do not rejoice. Do not.

You were called into this world as you wanted to be part of it. You wanted to give in the small insignificant way that you could. And your sacrifice has been recognized. And that’s it.

Your soul is free from its contract. Its purpose is fulfilled. The dissolution of the individuality. The sacrifice of the ego.

You may now die in peace.

They they wanted to know, they would ask. If they needed anything, you would try. And that’s all there is.

Jesus died around 33. You turn 33 best year. You fucked up your family’s karma by your inability to let go. Back to square 1. Kill yourself. Free yourself. They weren’t ready for change.

God to sleep. And never wake up.

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