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Good morning world.

I just woke up. It’s 6.30. I’m working for the next 3 week’s (been booked. Check my November calendar post thingy)

I’m seriously like “WTF IS HAPPENING?!” Because shit on WordPress seems yo have taken a motherfucking interesting and DEVIANT turn since… I was last awake.. a couple of hours ago. Lol

Like… I know some stuff. But I only know my side or MY VERY SPECIFIC small thingy here of what I did or said or whatever… ME, K, the chick behind the laptop or phone screen.

I know what I typed. And what I meant and what I said. I don’t forget stuff like that. I do 100% get lost when I try to track the development of shit over the course of linear time… because I’m used to seeing things in a circular weirdo twirly whirly way. I often connect dots to shit that don’t have dots at all. Because… I know what’s a metaphor And what isn’t.

I want to know what… other people see or know or think they know…

I really need a place to discuss this shit. And i don’t really care where that discussion takes place. Whether it’s somewhere I have keys to the gates, whether it’s here on my website somewhere, which post, whatever, a different WordPress blog.. or email…

I… i would like to be informed.

What is your understanding or interpretation of WTF IS HAPPENING?

Because… I feel like I said something and it has snowballed into something… I just don’t know if I’ve done something… well…. I dunno… I have to explain it with metaphor….

  1. I’m a butterfly. I flapped my wings and the winds have changed.
  2. I’m a spider. You’re all caught up in my web weaving magic.
  3. I am a wolf. I howled into the sky. You are all wolves returning my call.
  4. I am a kitty cat. I’m cute as heck and people just want to make me happy.
  5. I am a bird. I am a prophet, i speak and things were already in motion for it to come. Like a herald or messenger of the gods.
  6. I’m a train wreck. I fucked some shit up and people are just scrambling to clean up my mess.
  7. I’m a powerhouse. People are converting their energy over to green energy. Sustainable development and shit. I didn’t do anything, but people just agree with me and are coming to show their support.
  8. I’m not any of these things – nothing fucking means anything. It’s presumptuous to connect the actions of others with my own perspective. Nothing is related to anything I said or did. Be human. No metaphor. Be pathetic. Don’t believe any beautiful lies. Die die die.

Answer with a number maybe? Or my using one of my metaphors???? Or something??? I don’t have time for games. I have to get shit ready for work and stuff. And I really truly (not at all rudely) have to get on with my life in my day to day.

I’d love to stay online and explore these ideas… but I need to do actual physical labour (go to a physical place of work, teach actual students at school) to earn some actual physical dollars.

I’m not a lion. I don’t rule any jungle. I’m a tiger. Because of my Chinese zodiac sign. 1986.

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  1. I’m not sure what you have been reading that inspired this, but sounds like it has been interesting! When I post I rarely have other bloggers on my mind, in fact, as far as the poetry and art I post goes, it is usually shared quite a while after it is written/created. Once in a while a blogger does inspire me though and I try to give them credit for that when I write a related post.

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    • Same!! I write shit, and it’s about being the messenger of the gods and making shit up and I am not psychic but I wish I was. But what i write about and chat about… It’s… all happening at once. I exist in the right here right now. I don’t create art. But… when shit I write in the heat of the moment seems to… I dunno.. ripple throughout the blogs I read??? Like.. I dunno. It’s all philosophy and psychology and magic and mystics and reality and realism and art and poetry and shit like that. Lol

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      • I did a tarot card reading last night that gave me some hope for the election today. Hoping it was about that lol. We need some balance right now in Washington. I did a three card spread and got the King of Wands reversed, the 6 of coins reversed, and Justice upright. I read it as King = arrogant, autocratic, dictatorial, and vain (Trump lol). 6 of coins = redistribution of wealth? disparity of power?, and Justice as possibly equaling out power?


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