Audience participation

Imagine my tongue

I’m my own self expert and I know my strengths and weaknesses. I am too excessive. I am excessively extra.

I love food. I love to talk. I love to sing. I love to taste I love to kiss and touch and connect.

I know how to speak. I’m okay at a bunch of stuff, but I wouldn’t call myself much of an expert at anything.

I know I am a muse. Because I inspire. I… Because I’m just soooo extra… Because people just get stuff from shit I say.

And that’s why I’m scared of showing my face. Because… what if suddenly no one wanted to hear what I had to say anymore? YouTube and shit are king. They just want to look. How about I control what you see and when?

Here is my tongue.

Imagine what it could do to you. You’ve heard my words. Felt the sting of my wit and weaponry. Take a look at my blade. Now… what does it say?

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