Audience participation

If I could be an artist? If I got to choose?

I would be a musician. I always wanted to be in music. Music was my ideal. I was never much of a creator… But I new how to improvise… wing it..

I have pretty grotesque or macabre aesthetic tastes… And performance art? That’s just living life. I know how to write.. But I’m not very good at it… its… hard.

I always wanted to sing though. I never wrote my own songs… But I loved to sing the songs of my friends… I just… liked to sing. It was fun.

But I never wrote any songs… I did work on some lyrics before.. in school. Wrote a song called “I’ll punch your face in”

The whole class laughed. It had the melody of a love song but spoke about murdering a stalker. That was awesome. I wrote words but I didn’t write the music..

I’m a team player. i know how to art on my own. I’m pretty garbage by myself. But… I love to give my garbage to other people and see what they turn it into.. it makes me happy! That… one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure.

But cliches are shit. Because they don’t mean any thing unless you’ve seen the truth in their over simplified phrasing…

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