Mundane trite

I had a dream and I just woke up

I was in a classroom. And a student was playing with a broken table top. I said it wouldn’t be so heavy if they just let it drop. So I took the table top from them and put it again some other tables and stuff. They were like “yeah, that’s heaps better”

And this was my classroom of misfits who like to hang out with me. It’s weird. Who the fuck wants to hang out with their school teacher? Most of them weren’t even really my students, but students who felt understood by me.

And I had this loose lucidity… balance the bridge between sleep and conscious… But… I dunno…

I am tired again. I want to sleep… But i dont sleep.. I lose consciousness… again. I lost consciousness again.

And… mmm I have to cut myself from her… Because… this is where I

And it happened again.

The it people. He made them its. And they live over the blue sea

And I’m k

Injustbwoke up again… And… once for…in for for… And wh y cents my fucking phone just fucking type whayvdo want to it so sufkcinf say

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