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So….there’s a story I wanna tell…. — Owning It Outright

It’s a story about a child all befuddled and sorely discombobulated. So very, very hurt by the terrible and calamitous nightmare things which befell them. Also a child so terribly confused and spun all about, just by the nature of her being. Because that child was different to most other folks. And not in some […]

via So….there’s a story I wanna tell…. — Owning It Outright

One of the best fucking writers ever to have graced wordpress is The Whippoorwills. Words seriously do no justice to explain how enigmatic and… OMG… JUST DIVINE GODLIKE ABILITIES… I’m essentially losing my own control over the function of language just trying to explain how fucking awesome The Whippoorwills is, their control over language and expression and… story telling…

Half the time I have no idea what the hell Poor Wills is talking about… Or rather, I totally fucking do know! But… It’s hard to explain…. I guess that’s what it means to be a true artist… They evoke such incredibly strong emotional responses from their audience. They are able to draw from within themselves the pain and bullshit to… give birth to some creature or beast from within themselves.

It’s a gift they have, a true gift. To be able to bring so many disparate people together and have each individual relate to something different… to love something different… to see/feel/think a multitude of things, but the beheld is merely a single visage that holds a plethora of visions able to be plucked out of thin air and feasted upon… Giving the recipient the knowledge of good and evil.

Whippoorwills is a gardener. A caretaker of the garden of the gods. I am so very much in awe of how they just… Exist… and get to be in the company of the divine and the devil, and yet still exist here on earth able to produce stuff like this.. because… It’s real. I’m not imagining the existence of it. You can click the link and read their stories. It’s real.

I have nothing compared to this. I’m a piss-poor-ant in comparison… The Whippoorwills is my fucking… christ. The consciousness I want to be able to emulate. I don’t give a shit about god and jesus and stuff. They’re bullshit fictional frameworks, ideas constructed by man to control people. I’m not under their fucking spell. I make my own magic. The WHIPPOORWILLS is the imaginary god that I am looking to emulate. But I just might end up failing and falling as I attempt to reach that level of divine.

And I know I have no imagination so I’ll never get there… to that level of beauty and mastery and control… So.. if Whippoorwill is the ultimate divine, then by my own penumbral qualia I’ll quietly attach this little link and chain here… ready to blast off into fucking whatever wherever they go or do when they’re not writing here… I want to do what they do… I just wanted to be like the gods…

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