November – the time is nigh upon us

Current focus: Campaign Antichrist

  • Open communication, honest education, killing (figurative) stuff.
    • sharing, smiting, smiling.

Kill god to free your mind. Reveal the way that language is used to control and manipulate people, our the understanding of language. We are all gods, and capable of divinity. I’m not heaven or hell bound. I’m Earth bound. Heaven and Hell are here on earth.

Business mission statement: to legitimise mysticism and metaphysics.

Debunking myth with absolutely completely made up bullshit I read from anywhere, and making blind leaps of faith for my own entertainment; drawing inspiration from cultural demographic, my educational background and training, and my professional experience in the educational system.

Is this blog genuine, or is it satire? Yes.


Today is 3rd November. November has always been a very busy time over year in this household. I started a thing and just called it “November Party” because… It’s easier to have one big bash than a multitude of small ones. They all take up so much time.

The time delays and “pattern” to my posts.

  • 5:55 am – reblog a poem or something that reminds me of me.
  • 11:55 am – repost something I have previously published/released. It’s something I wrote and have already shared before.
  • 5:55 pm – an honest to goodness I wrote the thing. Even if it’s terrible, I wrote it in real time, at the time. Even if it’s not published at the time.
  • 11:55 pm – rehash a quote I made up. Even with screen caps to prove it. Or not. whatever.


My intentions for

  • Smash it to smithereens! Again!! Yeah!!!
  • What I really mean is that I’m going to take all the pages and posts down again, privatise it. And sift through the soft stools of shit for stories that may be of value. That when interlaced they may make a shimmering silhouette of a spirit to save…
  • Nothing really will be totally original on here… I mean… It’s all just going to be rehashed and regurgitated reblogs and reposts of other people’s work (and my already “published” jazz).
  • So most of my time this week especially will be just doing stuff to the pages part of the blog. The blog is fine. But the pages stuff, that’s where my attention will be towards.

November calendar. Phew sheesh.

  • 3th. It’s 9pm now. It’s basically done-ski’s.
    • Changed the whole damn layout theme thingy. That’s about it so far.
  • 4th. Mum in law’s birthday.
    • I TOOK EVERYTHING DOWN! Now we can begin from scratchy scratch.
  • 5th. Work (substitute teacher).
    • 1 week of scheduled posts up and ready for the day.
  • 6th. Work (visual arts teacher). In laws wedding anniversary. Lunar nodes change signs. USA election? Dietician appointment.
    • uploaded a poster that lists all the linky links I have.
  • 7th. Work (visual arts teacher). New moon Scorpio. Phone bill due.
  • 8th. Work (industrial arts teacher). Jupiter transits Sagittarius
  • 9th. Work (industrial arts teacher). Internet bill due.
  • 10th. J birthday.
  • 11th. 12th wedding anniversary.
  • 12th. Work (industrial arts teacher). Gas bill due.
  • 13th. Work (industrial arts teacher)
  • 14th. Work (industrial arts teacher)
  • 15th. My 32nd birthday. Mars transits Pisces OMG DO NOT WORK ON THIS DAY, actually try for once to “stick to a meditative or calm or ritual or something” especially for this solar mofo return. And the auspicious timing and everything… DO THE CALMING MANIFESTION MEDITATION PEACE THINGS!  MARS PISCES MTRFKR!
  • 16th. Work (industrial arts teacher) Venus stations direct.
  • 17th. Mercury retrograde Sagittarius.
  • 18th. Release my name and face.
  • 19th. Work (industrial arts teacher)
  • 20th. Work (industrial arts teacher)
  • 21st. Work (industrial arts teacher)
  • 22nd. Work (industrial arts teacher) Sun transits Sagittarius.
  • 23rd. Work (industrial arts teacher) Full moon gemini.
  • 24th.
  • 25th. Neptune stations direct.

Astro butterfly has a post about explaining these astrological transits and stuff.


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