Mundane trite

Call to action for those who love me.

Anybody here on the internet. Open letter. More directly aimed towards some than others. To my children I love, to the ones who respond. To my people who hear me. To my lovers who desire me. To the artists who see me. To the writers who want me.

Draw a portrait of me. I want to know how you picture me. What do I look like to you?

Describe me. I want to know how I appear to you.

Please. Do this as your tribute offering to me so that I may spare your souls.

You can do it with your words, or with digital artistry, or with pencil or paint or ink on paper.

Show me please. Tag me it link me in the comments. Or something. ME.

What do I, K, queen of the underworld on the world, the antichrist of lore, the material manifestation of muse and myth

What vision do I evoke in you? How do you envision me?

Sign it with a K. That’s how I’ll know for sure.

Inclusion of my metaphors will tell me the truth.

You can’t hide from me when the world is my sandbox.

Describe me. Depict me. Design me.

Show me.

Poetry? Yea. Call to action? Definitely. Explicit instructions? Perhaps. A definitive and punishable command? I don’t command anything. I just.. request.

You give what you get. You get what you give. I always give, everything. You will always get what you deserve.

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